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Jersey Shore

When Will JWOWW Have a Baby?

Could the world handle two pregnant guidettes?

Everyone and their mother knows that Jersey Shore’s Snooki is pregnant, and now her BFF and castmate JWOWW reveals that she’s gotten bitten by the baby bug.

The reality star tells Life & Style that she and Snooki have been discussing babies ever since lil’ Snooks announced her pregnancy.

"Snooki thinks I'll have my first when she has her second," JWOWW told the magazine. "We are about 2½ years apart, so I thought, Our kids can be two years apart."

Jenni also reaffirms her and Snooki’s plan to make “SnookWOWW” babies.

“[Our kids will] date and have babies. I don't even care if they date; I just want them to have kids so we'll officially be relatives!”

We have to admit, the combination of Snooki and JWOWW in baby form would be a wonderful sight to behold. Would it be short ‘n tan like Snooks or tall and bosomy like Jenni? We need to make this SnookWOWW baby to happen!

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Catch the premiere of Snooki and JWOWW’s new spin-off on Thursday, June 21 on MTV.

Source: Life & Style

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