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Will the Judge in Kris Humphries’ Divorce Case Care about Myla Sinanaj? Exclusive

It’s been a serious battle of he said/she said between Nets star Kris Humphries and Myla Sinanaj, but one thing’s clear: Things are getting ugly. According to Kris’ inner circle, Myla and Kris had a short-lived fling and when he wouldn’t commit, she threatened extortion. Her claim: She was Kris’ girlfriend and he’s falsely accused her of running a brothel out of the hotel where she works.

It remains to be seen who’s telling the truth. For now, however, a bigger question remains. Will the scandal affect Kris’ quest for an annulment from estranged wife Kim Kardashian?

The answer: not one bit. We consulted famed celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder, who exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment the judge presiding over Kris and Kim’s case won’t care less about Kris’ extra-curricular activities.

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“This whole thing, it doesn’t mean anything,” Felder explains. “It makes good headlines, but that’s about it. In terms of the proceedings, it’s a big ‘Who Cares?’”

“I’m not saying the situation isn’t serious,” he continues. “Claims of extortion, those are serious charges. But in terms of the divorce, it doesn’t matter.”

“The judge won’t care about this — it’s not going to hurt or benefit either side. And at the end of the day, the judge is the only person who matters. It’s a production with an audience of one, if you will.”

And with both Kris and Kim set to be deposed in the next few weeks, Felder believes the former couple’s split should be made official sooner rather than later.

“Things are going to move fairly rapidly now,” Felder predicts. “I would say it’s going to happen within the next three months.”

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