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Jersey Shore

Witness Comes to Jersey Shore Cast’s Defense in Bar Brawl Drama

The Jersey Shore cast’s massive bar brawl last Friday is turning into a big legal headache for the cast and crew, but there is one important witness who is coming to the cast’s defense: club owner John Saaddy.

Saaddy, who owns both Karma and Bamboo (where the fight took place), told the Asbury Park Press that the cast did not instigate the fight on Friday, June 11. The club owner tells the newspaper that bar patrons were throwing ice at the cast, spitting on them, and one clubgoer went so far as to shove one of the cast members.

According to earlier reports, the fight was between Ronnie, JWOWW’s boyfriend Roger, and two clubgoers, Justin Viterito and Devon Chichele. Justin and Devon, who are both friends, claim that they are the real victims of the fight, and that they were attacked by the cast at the club. However, other witnesses said that the two were taunting the cast all night. Saaddy’s account appears to back up the witnesses claims that Roger and Ronnie were not the aggressors in the fight.

Matthew DiBrino, a lawyer who is representing Viterito, told Wetpaint Entertainment that he believes that there is security footage of the fight and that once he gets the footage “it will be clear who the aggressor was.” He also noted that he’s sent letters to 495 Productions (who produces Jersey Shore), Viacom, MTV, and Bamboo to preserve all of their footage from Friday night.

Credit: MTV    

Saaddy is quick to note that most clubgoers at Bamboo and Karma aren’t Jersey Shore haters. “Ninety-nine percent of the people [at the bar] love them,” he told the newspaper, adding that it was a small handful of people who started the fight on June 11. “People don’t realize that [the cast] is working,” he added.

Legal threats following fights have followed the cast wherever they have gone, even before Jersey Shore became a huge hit. A couple who allegedly attacked Ronnie and Sammi during Season 1 sued Ronnie following the fight, claiming that he started the fracas. Ronnie was also accused of starting fights when the cast filmed in Miami back in 2010.

The cast has done their best to stay out fights in recent seasons, but that hasn’t stopped people from picking on them. Most recently, Sammi was attacked by an unidentified woman at Karma during Season 5. That attack was completely unprovoked, with the woman flying out of nowhere to pull on Sam’s hair. (Poor Sammi!)

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