“Bitch Can See!” Quotes From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 2:  “Blood Is the New Black”
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Pretty Little Liars

“Bitch Can See!” Quotes From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 2: “Blood Is the New Black”

Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 3, Episode 2: “Blood Is the New Black,” including Hanna discussing peach pie at great lengths.

10. Hanna [about Jenna]: “What are we doing? Do I get to slap her again?”
Hanna is like, “Less yapping more slapping.”

9. Aria [to Emily, about the cemetery]: “When we picked you up, you kept calling me 'Arlene.’”
Don’t most of the characters on this show go by a fake name at some point, anyway?

8. Hanna [to Mona]: “You'd be sharing a jail cell with someone calling you ‘Peach Pie’ while you braid her back hair!”
We’ll never think of the words “peach pie” in the same way again.

7. Aria: "I don’t think my dad’s gonna be scrapbooking with Ezra anytime soon.”
It’s hard to share memories between two men who hate each other’s very existence.

6. Caleb [about Mona]: "I don't care if she spends the rest of her life in a paper gown, making ashtrays and pooping in a stall without a door."
Caleb’s not concerned about Mona’s general well-being? We’re not shocked.

5. Toby: “You're a little tense.”
Spencer: “Yeah, I was born that way.”
If Toby thinks he can make Spencer relaxed with just one massage, he doesn’t know her very well.

4. Aria: “Is it just me, or is she blinder than she was last year?”
Jenna might not be the most skilled thespian in the world.

3. Emily: “Aria, I can't think of him as Mr. Fitz anymore, okay? I've seen his underwear drawer.”
Apparently, Emily assumed that all teachers just go commando?

2. Alison [about Meredith]: “We'd probably find her panties in the mini-fridge.”
We suppose this is a good way to keep cool in the summer.

1. Aria [about Jenna]: “Don't look at me! I'm ready to hang a sign: 'Bitch can see!'”
As far as signs go, this one wouldn’t be quite as friendly as, say, “Home Sweet Home.”

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