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Jersey Shore

Criminal Charge Filed Against Ronnie Over Jersey Shore Bar Fight

Last week’s Jersey Shore bar brawl is just spelling more legal trouble for Ronnie.

TMZ reports that Justin Vigerito, one of the alleged victims of the fight, has filed a criminal complaint against Ronnie “and his buddies.” It isn’t clear if those “buddies” include JWOWW’s boyfriend Roger or any of the other Jersey Shore boys, who were reportedly involved in the fight.

As Vigerito’s lawyer first told Wetpaint Entertainment, Justin and his friend, Devon, (who is not being represented by the lawyer and is currently on probation for a previous assault charge) claim that Ronnie and his Jersey crew were the instigators in the bar brawl last Friday at Bamboo in Seaside. However, Bamboo’s owner and multiple witnesses claim that Justin and Devon were the instigators, taunting and throwing ice at the cast for no reason, and allegedly pushing one of the cast members.

Justin’s lawyer told Wetpaint that he has put in requests for MTV, 495 Productions, and Bamboo to hold all footage from the night, which he believes will prove that his client was not the instigator.

The Seaside Heights police department say that they are investigating the incident. No one involved in the fight has been charged with any crime yet.

Ronnie previously got in trouble with the Seaside PD when he got into a violent fight in 2009 while filming Season 1. Ronnie enrolled in a 18-month pretrial intervention program last year, which required him to do community service and avoid trouble.

Witness accounts of Justin and Devon’s alleged behavior is in line with how a lot of “fans” treat the cast while filming in Seaside. A Seaside spy told us that crowds follow the cast wherever they go, screaming at them and calling them names, much to the chagrin of producers who are trying to make the cast look like just a bunch of normal, un-noteworthy vacationers.

If Justin and Devon were taunting the cast and getting physical, we can’t really blame Ronnie for how he reacted. Imagine getting screamed at and taunted everywhere you go!

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