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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette’s Arie Luyendyk, Jr: How I Knew Emily Was Disappointed With Me

Emily Maynard expects more from Arie Luyendyk, Jr. than most of her Bachelorette boyfriends — and she was disappointed when he didn't stand up for her while she was standing up to Kalon McMahon for his "baggage" comment. Em felt like she was all alone and, since Arie is pretty much her frontrunner at this point, she let him know she was disappointed.

Arie was on a media conference call today — because this season they are letting various guys (including Sean Lowe last week) promote upcoming episodes and tease upcoming drama. Arie was asked how he felt at the London rose ceremony on Season 8, Episode 5, when it came down to Alejandro Velez and himself as the last two guys to not get a rose.

"I still felt confident, but I definitely felt that she had sent me a clear message," Arie said. "It was noted. I really felt like I needed to step up to the plate a little bit more, so by her sending me — giving me — the last rose, that helped me realize that without just coming out and saying it."

It was like a warning shot across his bow — have my back or I'll send you back to the race cars. Arie explained, "I definitely break the rules this week to make sure that she knows that [I have strong feelings for her] and it was kind of crazy, but I'm proud of it, that I did it and I took a chance and broke the rules to express how I felt.”

ABC’s press release has already teased that Arie sneaks out of the hotel late at night on next week’s episode in Croatia — and they included a video with Arie warning Emily about another guy — so that’s probably what he means by breaking the rules. Someone makes a sneaky visit every season; if they’re popular (like Arie) it’s seen as romantic. If they’re not popular (like Courtney Robertson, Justin Rego, or Michelle Money during their seasons), they get the villain music and it’s billed as a huge scandal.

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Source: Reality TV World