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Gossip Girl

5 Reasons We’re Glad Blair Chose Chuck In The Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale!

Blair and Chuck are pretty much Gossip Girl's answer to Heathcliff and Cathy (read a book, TV nerds). They're star-crossed lovers who are willing to plot, scheme and hurt each other all in the name of romance. Swoon!

We were crazy excited when Blair finally made up her mind and decided on Chuck over Dan and during the Season 5 finale, and we've rounded up 5 reasons why we're positive she made the right choice. You know, aside from the fact that he's Chuck Bass.

1. He Isn't Afraid to Unleash His Manmotions... on Unsuspecting Dogs

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Sigh, Monkey. Chuck's poor four legged friend is the only one who truly understands his pain, as evidence by the fact that Chuck cried all over him after finding out that Blair wasn't pregnant with the fruit of his looms. We love a man who isn't afraid to let it all out!

2. He’s a Genius in the Bedroom

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Whip out your copy of the Kama Sutra and flip to a random page –– we bet, like, a million hundies that Chuck has sexperimented in that position. This austere gent might be slightly gap-toothed and more than a little sleazy, but there's no denying that he's a bonafide boss in the bedroom. There's no other explanation for the fact that he convinced Blair to make sweet love in public. While she was still engaged. To a prince.

3. They're The Ross and Rachel Of Gossip Girl

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Blair and Chuck have been eye-sexing each other for five whole years. That's almost as long as Serena's legs! Sure, they've had their ups and downs, but there's no denying that these conniving socialites have history. We'll never forget the time Chuck almost put a ring on Blair's finger and then sexed-up Jenny Hump(me)phry instead in the Season 3 finale. If their love can survive that, then they can overcome anything together.

4. He Puts Blair First

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Even though Chuck is consumed with jealousy over the Season 4 arrival of Prince Louis in and his disturbing-yet-sexy foreign accent, he still puts his feelings toward Blair before anything else. He even paid off her dowry to save her from becoming part of the 99% –– despite the fact that Blair was fresh off rejecting him for the zillionth time. Poor Bass, will he ever find love that doesn't come in the form of strippers, threesomes and four-legged friends?

5. He Would Have Raised Another Man’s Baby!

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When Blair's eggo was preggo'd by Louis and his royal jewels, Chuck brushed his shoulders off and still wanted to be with his queen bee. Now we know that Chuck wants to be a dad, and he was willing to raise another man's child if it meant being with his true love. Actually, the thought of Chuck as a father is kind of worrying, but whatever. He just wants to make himself some babies and dress them in mini-Hermes, okay?