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Girls Season 1 Finale: “She Did” Recap: The Real vs. The Ridiculous

Girls took its first season bow (Season 1, Episode 10: “She Did”) with Lena Dunham as Hannah, wearing a green belt (No, you weren’t “trippin.”), and a dress and shoes that “sorta” matched, as she walked barefoot on the beach on Coney Island. She sat down in the sand, stared at New York City’s version of the ocean, and ate cake. And we say, let her.

As fans of this series, created, co-written, and starring 26-year-old Lena, we were happy that the debut season went out with such a gorgeous array of bangs. We also smirked a little bit when Hannah fell into a sullen sleep and woke up with no purse, because the final wordless scenes seemed like good ammo to use against the Hannah-haters. This imperfect, naïve, brave, self-pitying antihero wound up alone in a strange place. But nowhere near where she started.

About those bangs. Shoshanna finally found her match in the sardonic Ray; Jessa believes for the moment that she has life and love figured out; and Marnie stopped being uptight and took a goofy risk. On to the Real vs. Ridiculous roundup.

Credit: Jojo Whilden/HBO    

The Real

Shoshanna’s fury. Shoshanna spent most of Season 1 idolizing Jessa, but when Ray asked her what was wrong (after Jessa’s garter hit Shoshanna in the head, a hilarious version of the moment when Charlotte’s bouquet hit Miranda in the head in Sex and the City), she said, “Everyone’s a dumb whore.” Shoshanna saw her wacky cousin making a wacky decision, albeit in disguise as Shoshanna’s SATC-obsessed dream. Shosh may be the only one who sees Jessa’s “surprise wedding” for what it is: a farce. But she’s jealous at the same time. As Ray said, Shoshanna may be the “strangest person,” but we, like Ray, find her strangeness wildly appealing.

Adam and Hannah’s fight: Part 1. It was strange watching this fight. The words and lines coming out of their mouths seemed so Real to us, as feelings, maybe. But not as dialogue that people actually manage to deliver with such eloquence. Adam says, “You think because you’re 11 pounds overweight, you know struggle.” Hannah corrects him — it’s 13 pounds and it’s been really hard for her. Real! And the general theme is familiar. She’s been chasing him around like he’s one of the Beatles for months, but when Hannah finally became the beloved instead of the lover, she realized there was more to her life than just the Beatles. Of course, hidden in her ambitions is her self-hatred, and disbelief that anyone else could love her. We understand all of that.

Credit: Jojo Whilden/HBO    

The Ridiculous

Adam and Hannah’s fight: Part 2. Like we said, the unnerving perfection of some of their lines struck a very “written” chord. Adam stands in the street and tells her, “I’m a beautiful mystery to you!” and, “You don’t know me and you don’t know yourself.” We get that Adam is wise and in AA and everything, but this sudden emotional poet is not the same person we met in the Pilot.

Jessa and Thomas’ “surprise wedding.” Well, on one hand, we should congratulate Girls for thoroughly surprising us. We did not see this coming. At all. On the other hand, we find it hard to believe that Jessa could get to this point of romantic hypnotism. We’ve come to adore Jessa, partly because she has a jaded, seen-it-all, above-it-all kind of charm. Could this girl really be so convinced by last week’s Kathryn Hahn speech on adulthood that she shouts, “Your dreams are not what you thought they’d be!” to her wedding guests?

Stray thoughts
- We saw the movie Lola Versus this weekend, which is similar to Girls in its mumblecore-y, self-indulgent tone, and its imperfect-girl-against-the-imperfect-world theme. Weirdly, it begins with its heroine (the irresistible Greta Gerwig) standing at the edge of a beach, just the way Hannah finds herself at the end of Girls. Should we spend more time alone at the edge of beaches when looking for self-discovery?
- Elijah (Andrew Rannells) admits he did give Hannah HPV, which he got from a redhead who Hannah says “wears floral capris like her hymen’s still intact.” Redheads.
- We loved when Jessa looked at Hannah in adoration and said, “You’re so f**king gross, lying there on the dirty bathroom floor,” with that enamored grin.
- Anyone who buys in to Jessa’s new love need only watch her face and body language once Thomas began dancing after the vows.

What did you think of the Girls finale? And of the season in general? Are you looking forward to Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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