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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris: Ed Swiderski and I Almost Went on Bachelor Pad Together

Bachelor Pad really needs some Jilly in the house. As we've noted before, Jillian Harris' Bachelorette Season 5 suitors tend to do very well on the show and they need their queen to keep them in line. Jilly just wrote a blog post on the new Bachelor Pad 3 cast and said we almost had her in the mix too.

BP3 premieres on Monday, July 23 and three of Jillian's prominent exes are on the show: Michael Stagliano is back to find love after winning money on BP2, Reid Rosenthal is back to do heaven knows what since it sounds like he'd really like to reconcile with his Miss USA ex, and Jillian's ex-fiance Ed Swiderski is back for a double shot of love and money.

As Jillian writes in her blog, "When I first heard Ed was thinking about it, it actually made me sick. Even though we've been apart for years now, I guess I'm still very territorial! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is a really cool opportunity for him and I'm proud of him. Who knows- he might even meet someone extra special!"

Very mature of her, although she admits that she's wanted to strangle him many times over the years. Ah, love.

"It was important for me to figure out a way to forgive and move on and I have this friendship to show for it!" Jillian continues. "As a matter of fact, Ed and I discussed going on the show together a while back – but I was just too nervous about getting hurt again. Turned out that the show's schedule didn't work with my NEW show schedule anyway [with the Love It or List It team] – so I didn't have to make the tough call. Oh my God- how funny would that have been if Ed and I came back on the show as a team!?!? (not a couple though!!!)"

It would've been perfect, actually, because Ed never completely closed the door on getting back together with Jillian (although, last we heard, he had no interest in Bachelor Pad), and Jillian and Stagliano engaged in some heavy Twitter flirting last year after he won BP2. And it would just be nice to see Jillian and Reid together again, even just as friends. Would any of the guys dare vote out Jillian? She’d race right on to the end.

But as things stand now, Jillian writes, "I think [Ed] and Reid will be HILARIOUS on the show! I'm excited to see them let loose, be funny, ridiculous and awesome – I think they will be great!" Full support from Jilly! But no mention at all of Stagliano going back for seconds. Oversight or intentional?


06.18.2012 / 10:11 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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