Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 5: Kris Jenner Sees an Ex-Lover!
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    
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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 5: Kris Jenner Sees an Ex-Lover!

In tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner comes face-to-face with her former flame. How does she handle the surprise run-in? Let’s start from the top!

The episode begins with Bruce Jenner and daughters Kylie and Kendall texting pictures of themselves. Kris walks in and tells Bruce that she’d love to receive a sexy text or two. Hint, hint. She then asks him to play a dirty food association game with her. “This is so incredibly repulsive,” Kylie notes, and we agree.

Moving on, Scott and Kourtney are at home, bickering about her bedtime. She goes to bed so early that Scott’s hankering for the nightlife is getting worse and worse. Later, when she’s hanging with Khloe (who’s in town for a brief visit), Kourtney comes up with the idea of Scott going out on the town with Kim. “Then the rumors will start: ‘Kim and Scott boning!’” Khloe jokes. Kourtney says the media can bring it on with that one for all she cares.

Meanwhile, Kris is taking her newly rediscovered love of tennis to new heights and is taking a full-on tennis lesson series at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club. “It feels really good to make any noise I want and no one’s going to judge me,” she notes. She’s having a great time, until she sees a familiar figure across the courtyard. Her tennis instructor tells her it’s Todd Waterman, who just so happens to be the ex-boyfriend who she’s divorced Robert Kardashian for twenty-four years ago. “I just can’t seem to escape my past lately,” she says.

Kris explains that the two were crazy about one another back in their day, but that Todd was then too young to settle down. Plus, she had four children to take care of. When she approaches him to say hello, it’s obvious he’s a little nervous about the encounter. She thinks he wanted to say more to her, so she steps out and waits for him to approach her. Indeed he does, and they hug. He apologizes to her for twisting some of the stuff that came out in her memoir (she gave him anonymity in the book), and she gives him her email address. Actually, it’s her assistant Noelle’s address, but it’ll do for now.

She calls Noelle to give her a heads up about some potential communication from her ex-flame. Apparently during their embrace, Todd told Kris, “I don’t want to let go.” Noelle asks if she’s going to tell Bruce, and Kris says, “Of course.” Bruce came around when she was ending things with Todd, so he knows a thing or two about the situation.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 5: Kris Jenner Sees an Ex-Lover!
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Kourtney approaches Scott with her grand idea, and he’s a little hesitant. “I think Kourtney thinks that I can’t get into any trouble ‘cause I’m with her sister,” he says about his “weird chick” and her crazy schemes.

Kendall and Kylie are wrestling on the floor when Kris comes in to explain the day’s big news to Bruce. He’s not happy about the encounter with Todd and wonders why she would even speak to him. The last time Bruce talked to Todd, he was being threatened. “I would’ve told him off,” Bruce says. “I wish I was there.” He still doesn’t think Kris should’ve even spoken to him. Bruce asks her, “So did you get his number or something?” He adds, “He was a scumbag back then, he still is.” We can tell this is going nowhere good.

Kim and Scott, meanwhile, go out per Kourtney’s suggestion. They meet up at a restaurant with his friend Raul. “I love her,” Scott says of Kim, “but she’s like the most boring person ever.” He doubts they’ll have a great time together, and Kim goes on and on about having children via artificial insemination if she finds herself unmarried at 40. Then Scott has an idea to spice up the evening: They should play the iPhone game Chat Roulette.

Kim’s determined to show Scott a good time since Kourtney never lets him go out, so they play the game. Kim flashes someone, and they’re IDed by one of the players. He goes home to report that while he didn’t think he’d have that great of a time, he’s surprised at how fun Kim was. Kourtney just hopes he’s gotten the “nightlife itch” out of his system.

Back at Jenner Communications, Noelle reports that she has indeed received an email from Kris’ long-lost love, Todd. “Snooka,” apparently, is the nickname he gave her back then, and the fact that he’s included it in the email says something about his intentions. So she dictates an email back to him, saying “Hi Todd, Kind of weird that I have never run into you in 24 years. Life has been really good to both of us, and for that I am grateful. I wish you good things.” Clean, simple, and to the point. We’ll see if that does the trick.

Kourtney and Scott are in the car when Kim texts him about another round of going out. Kourtney doesn’t believe it’s Kim who initiated the conversation, but when he calls her on speaker and she confirms, Kim notes, “Why would I cover up for your boyfriend trying to be shady to his pregnant girlfriend?” There’s not much for Kourtney to say after that. Scott thinks she’s just jealous that Kim is clamoring to hang out with him.

Back at the office, Noelle reports that there’s a new email in from Todd. “Apparently, he felt like your initial run-in was a little awkward, so he wants to go meet up with you,” Noelle reports. He’s got some serious topics to discuss with her. Kris doesn’t know what to do and breaks down. She thinks there is some unresolved business between herself and Todd and that they have a good reason to meet. She instructs Noelle to hold back from emailing him back until she’s made up her mind.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 5: Kris Jenner Sees an Ex-Lover!
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Scott and Kim eventually meet up for a second night out. “Never in a million years did I think Kim would be my partner in crime for going out, but all of a sudden she’s got a little bounce in her step,” Scott says. They hit the club and later find that Kourtney’s calling him nonstop. “She’s stalking you!” Kim proclaims. Nevertheless, they still have a pretty good time.

Meanwhile, Kris is still on the fence about whether to meet up with Todd. She starts boo-hooing about how they have unfinished business and how she’s lost sleep over the issue. She wants to tell him how she felt about their break-up because was so fast that they didn’t have a chance to discuss things.

At 2:00 a.m., Scott finally returns Kourtney’s call and says he wants to just crash at Kim’s, but she’s not having any of that. Adults don’t have slumber parties anymore, especially with a pregnant girlfriend’s sister. “Be an adult and get home,” she instructs. And he obeys. Scott gets back around 2:45 a.m., having used a car service, and finds that he’s not getting a warm reception. Kourtney’s sleeping, and while he did a “good job” by getting home, she’s not getting up to celebrate or anything.

The following day, Kendall and Kylie unintentionally make a mess when they splash some spaghetti sauce on Kris and Bruce’s obviously expensive white rug. They know not to eat in the living room, so they’ve gotta deal with this ASAP or there’ll be hell to pay with the Momager.

Speaking of Kris, she joins Kim at a make-up session and brings up her dilemma with Todd. Actually, she glides into the topic by bringing up her crush on Alec Baldwin first to soften the blow. It doesn’t help. Kim thinks she’d be making a big mistake by meeting up with Todd. “Are you on crack?” she guffaws. Good point. She also thinks it’d definitely impact her marriage to Bruce. “Do you want to stay married?” Kim asks. “Then stay far away from him. He already ruined your first marriage.”

Kendall and Kylie, trying to address their little mess on the rug, go and rent a steam cleaner. They’re pretty clueless about how to operate it, and when they finally figure it out, they end up making the situation worse. Sure, the stain comes out “like that,” but then a rip appears in the rug. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Kourtney calls the party off for Scott and Kim. She calls Kim and tells her to find her own boyfriend to go out with. One occasion was okay, but this isn’t going to turn into a regular thing. Scott’s got obligations, after all. “She’s just jealous that it’s not her,” Scott says, “but it is kind of cute that Kourtney wants me all to herself, and I can’t blame her.”

Since Kris struck out with one daughter, she moves on to another and consults with Khloe, whom she is visiting in Dallas. Khloe’s already heard all about it, and Kris explains her reaction by saying she panicked and that he aged really well. Khloe remembers a lot about Todd except what he looks like. Still, she thinks it’s a bad call. “Bruce is going to kill you,” Khloe warns.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 5: Kris Jenner Sees an Ex-Lover!
Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Kylie and Kendall do finally fess up to their mistake. They ask Bruce to take the blame, but he refuses, instructing them to “be honest, tell her (Kris) what happened, take the rap and move on.” My, what a sensible idea!

When Kris and Rob return from their trip to Dallas, she admits she thought she’d be a little clearer about what to do, but she’s not. Still, Kris is the only one who knows what’s in her heart, so she’s going to have to decide for herself.

Kris and Kim doll up, with Kris wearing a very sparkly coat, and Kris tells Kim she’s got a meeting. After Kim and Rob poke fun at her jacket the requisite amount, she takes it off, and Kim tells Rob how funny it is that Mom talked about meeting up with Todd. “Why would she do that?” Rob asks. “If she messes up at this age, she’s done because why would you want to start over.”

Kylie and Kendall own up to wrecking the carpet, and Kris — clearly dressed and ready to hit the door — is cool and collected about it. Everyone is surprised, and Rob and Kim immediately jump to the same conclusion: Kris is leaving to meet up with Todd! They take off to follow her, and Kim’s sure Kris is so focused that she wouldn’t even notice their car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite matter because they end up following the wrong person off the freeway and lose sight of her.

Kris is later shown pulling into a parking garage and a “To be continued” tag appears. The suspense is killing us!

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