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True Blood

True Blood Reaction: Does Roman Kill Bill or Eric in Season 5, Episode 2? SPOILER!

We've been waiting all summer to see Christopher Meloni decked out as a deranged vampire, and boy was it worth it.

Roman is cold, calculated, and downright terrifying (not to mention swoon-worthy), and he's definitely not someone to have on your bad side.

Unfortunately, Roman isn't as charmed by Bill and Eric's adorable bromance as the rest of us, and he's seriously peeved about the cluster fudge that is Bon Temps.

Roman teaches our main men a lesson by having his creepy german minion interrogate them, and then decides it's time for some public humiliation, wherein he waves around a giant wooden stake and threatens to deliver the true death!

So, does Roman impale our budding bromancers? Of course not, who in their right mind would kill Queen Bill and his knight in shining armor?! Roman just wants to assert his authority (get it?) and show Billric who's boss!

But can we really trust this power hungry dictator? Keep your eye on that stake, we have a feeling it'll be delivering the true death sooner than ya think ...

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06.18.2012 / 07:31 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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