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True Blood

Who Is Helping Russell Edgington on True Blood?

He's baaaaaack! Well, kinda. Russell Edgington has been unearthed from his grave, and he's currently bloodied, maimed and lying in a creepy bedroom surrounded by body parts.

In other words, he's on sick leave.

The Authority are peeved that Russell's still alive, but the real question is who let him out of his parking lot tomb? The only people that knew about his burial were Eric, Pam, Bill, and Alcide –– and we're pretty sure we can rule out all of them.

After all, Eric, Bill and Alcide are the ones who buried him in the first place, while Pam would never betray her maker.

Yet, someone took the time out their busy schedule to dig up Russell, stick him in a hospital bed, and feed him a bunch of random townies.

What character would willingly kill innocent humans (even Eric and Bill have some boundaries!), and who would benefit from Russell being alive and kicking? Check out our theories:

Terry: We have no idea what this loveable chef gets up to during his nightly sleep walking sessions, but he's been more than a little deranged lately.

Steve Newlin: Steve is an unpredictable Baby Vamp who wouldn't have any problem feeding humans to a vampiric legend!

Hoyt: This guy might just be depressed enough to go totally nuts and turn evil. Hey, crazier things have happened in Bon Temps. Like that time Sookie wore a swimsuit as a shirt.

A vampire fundamentalist: Could one of Lilith's fan-girls have found out about Russell and dug him up? Seems likely, but where would they have gotten the information that he's alive?

Who do you think is helping Russell? Sound off in the comments!

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