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American Idol

America’s Got Talent Recap of Season 7, Episode 10: A Proper Pig, a Nerdy Comedian, and Flo Jo’s Daughter

Tonight’s the last chance for America’s Got Talent hopefuls to make it to Las Vegas for the second leg of this season’s competition, so the would-be contestants were charged with going big or going home… or acting just crazy enough up on stage to make the blooper feeds, which happens a lot.

During last week’s audition show, the pet du jour was a water-skiing squirrel, but this week, it was a piggy named Smooch who led things up. Owner Thea Wilcox swears her little piggy — who has a skirt, a party hat, and a well-kept manicure, by the way — can ring doorbells, climb ladders, play musical instruments, you name it. She’s a renaissance pig, oink! Unfortunately, the boys aren’t buying this act and send her downwind.

Following up Smooch the Pig is another stinker, the white tiger martial artist who just smacks his poor friends around on-stage. Then there’s a “Female Empowerment” rapper chick who takes herself seriously with the lyrics, “You got a nice body but I’m in it for the money.”

Finally, a breath of sunshine comes along in the form of 6-year-old named Liliana (Lil Starr is her stage name, thank you very much). She does a tap routine that has the judges giving her mad respect, but not necessarily the votes. Howard Stern doubts its million dollar act potential, and Howie needs some convincing. Lil says she can do ballet, jazz, this, that, and everything else you can name. He gives in. How couldn’t he? Look at that little face!

Another slew of montages come by, but these are the ones who’ve easily made it: a midnight circus act of trapeze dancers who are totally in synch, a group called The Always who give a “strong” new take on Adele, a break-dancing pair in stripes, a nice soul singer, a rather convincing impersonator, and a pair of 85-year-old tap dancers … Phew! What a group!

The one who really takes us by surprise is Jake Williams, a 23-year-old from Chicago who deals in real estate. He claims to have a comedic stand-up routine worth showing, but he seems awfully nervous. It’s hard to believe that the same guy who couldn’t strike up a conversation with anyone in the competition is standing on the stage, delivering such a quality fission of self-deprecation and good timing. Jake Williams is going somewhere — at least in this competition; he gets three yes votes right away from the very impressed judging trio.

They’re also impressed by a dance crew from Puerto Rico who’ve got a lot riding on this audition. They pull out decent moves and move on to the next level with ease.

Then, we had to get through a couple more stinkers, per show structure. “Trish like Fish” is a girl who’s obsessed with Howard Stern and made up a talent to get to meet him. Mission accomplished. Trish the Fish isn’t sad about getting a “No” from everyone but Howard. He teases that maybe they can have a nice date at the mental institution later…

After another terrible impersonation effort by a contestant named Mark Ofuji, a somewhat famous face makes it to the stage. Florence Joyner (Flo Jo)’s daughter Mary Ruth wants to give the show a go, and her dad Al Joyner’s in tow to show his support. When she delivers what Howard calls a “tremendous” vocal performance, she’s waived through to the next level.

Next stop: Las Vegas!

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06.19.2012 / 07:42 AM EDT by Amanda Bell
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