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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2012 Spoilers! Reality Steve: What REALLY Happens in Tonight’s Episode in Croatia


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Who else in there isn’t all about Emily Maynard? Not sure. But the previews for The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 6 aren’t all about the truth — as usual, the teases include some sneaky (but scintillating!) manipulation. Spoiler king Reality Steve just posted details on what we’ll really see tonight in Croatia in The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 6.

Here’s Steve’s new spoilers:

1. Ryan Bowers and Travis Pope BOTH get dumped on individual dates
So it massively sucks to be them — and it still doesn’t make sense why Ryan would get a second individual date when John Wolfner hasn’t had one individual date yet. Anyway, as Steve writes today, “When I gave the episode-by-episode spoilers for Croatia, I had said that Ryan and Travis both get 1-on-1 dates, and the group date is Arie, Jef, Sean, Chris, Doug, and Wolfner. But we know that on 1-on-1 dates, you either get a rose and stay, or you don’t and go home. All I knew for sure was at the end of this date, the six guys going to Prague were the six guys on the group date. My guess was that Ryan got a rose on his 1-on-1 and then Emily takes it back at the rose ceremony, which is what prompted the Fleiss tweet back in April when this was happening of ‘When is a rose not a rose.’ Well, not quite. What happens tonight is Ryan and Travis BOTH get sent home on their 1-on-1 dates.”

Credit: Video Still    

2. Emily actually asks for an EXTRA rose
So instead of walking out in a huff during tonight’s rose ceremony, as she appeared to do in a preview, Emily is going to approach Chris Harrison to request an extra rose to keep all the remaining guys.

As Steve explains, “When the rose ceremony starts, there are 6 guys and 5 roses to give out. The promo for last week makes you think that Emily runs outside during the rose ceremony telling Chris, ‘Who else in there isn’t all about me?’ You can see that clip right here. Well that’s not true. Emily never says that line tonight. Hell, just watch the clip closely. You never actually see those words coming out of her mouth. Her back is to the camera when that voiceover is playing. Not to mention the fact that when she gets up to Chris, his mouth is moving talking to her yet we’re not hearing anything that comes out of his mouth. So the clip makes you think she’s all pissed off, storms out of the rose ceremony, and thinks that she’s being played. But the reality is, Emily actually just goes outside to ask Chris for another rose, because she wants to keep all six guys there, and that’s what she does. So knowing now that all six guys at the rose ceremony stay, and knowing that Ryan was already eliminated the day before, it makes no sense for her to go storming outside all pissed off saying, ‘Who else in there isn’t all about me,’ does it?”

3. Arie Luyendyk, Jr., doesn’t warn her about Ryan
There’s another preview out, showing Arie Luyendyk, Jr. visiting Emily, looking like he’s about to warn her about a bad news guy in the house.

“That’s misleading too,” Steve notes. “Arie visits Emily after Ryan’s already been sent home on his 1-on-1 date and he just goes to comfort her, get some make out time, and tell her she made the right decision by letting Ryan go. If you ask me right now, ‘Well when does she utter the line ‘Who else in there isn’t all about me?', I’d say it’s from when she finds out that Arie and Cassie had a previous relationship. Just a guess on my part, but, I can’t really think of any other instance that would cause her to utter such a line… Time will tell if we ever get the true meaning of that sentence or when she ever said it. But it certainly doesn’t happen tonight.”

Source: Reality Steve