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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2012 Spoilers: Reality Steve’s Episode-by-Episode Breakdown of Who Goes Home When

Finally! Spoiler fans have gotten … well … spoiled by Reality Steve’s spoilers. Today he released the spoiler breakdown for Episode 4 through the hometown dates! While he still doesn’t know what happens after Emily Maynard picks her final three boyfriends, it’s okay; that just leaves more time for speculation and hoping and making GIFs of Jef Holm throwing that skateboard.

In the meantime, here’s Steve’s episode breakdown, courtesy of

EPISODE 4: Bermuda (13 down to 10)

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1-on-1 date with Doug Clerget: “They go on a tour of the town St. George and visit King Square where a group of Bermuda Gombeys are dancing. Doug gets a rose.”

Group Date:
“Boat racing date. Two teams of four. The Yellow team is Arie, Jef, Ryan, and Kalon. Red team is Sean, Travis, Chris, and Charlie. The Yellow team won the race.”

2-on-1 with John Wolfner and Nate Bakke:
“The date took place aboard a yacht named the ‘Venetian’ and it ended up docking at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Resort. At some point, the three of them go cliff diving, which was shown in the season promo. Nate Bakke is eliminated on the date.”

Rose Ceremony Eliminations:
Michael Nance and Charlie Grogan.”

EPISODE 5: England (10 to 8)

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1-on-1 with Sean Lowe: “They go on a bus tour of London then dinner at the Tower of London. Sean gets a rose.”

Group date:
“Eight guys rehearse a scene from ‘Romeo & Juliet.’ … The 8 guys on the date are Ryan, John, Doug, Kalon, Chris, Alejandro, Travis, and Arie. At the after party from the group date is where Emily blows up on Kalon and tells him to ‘Get the f*** out!’ and he’s eliminated.”

1-on-1 with Jef Holm: “There’s a picture of them making out in the promos with a water background behind them. That was from this date. He gets a rose.”

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: "Alejandro Velez. Kalon McMahon sent home during the after party of the Romeo & Juliet date."

EPISODE 6: Croatia (8 to 6)

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1-on-1 with Travis Pope: “Tour of Old Town Dubrovnik. A lot of pictures from this date made the tabloids. Also a blogger, Kaitlin’s Big Adventures, had this posted a while back after it happened.”

Group Date:
“Six guys and Emily get to watch an advanced screening of ‘Brave,’ a new Pixar movie (is this “Survivor” now?), they compete against each other in a round of Highland games. … The six guys on this date are: Jef, John, Sean, Doug, Chris, and Arie.

1-on-1 with Ryan Bowers:
See below for details on this.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations:
“Here’s what’s interesting. Only 6 guys made it to the next city of Prague, and those are the 6 guys that were on Highland games date. Sean, Doug, Chris, Arie, John, and Jef. So the 2 guys who got 1-on-1 dates in Croatia, Travis and Ryan, don’t advance. Yet we know that on 1-on-1 dates, you either get a rose and you’re safe, or you’re sent home. Well, neither of these guys make it to Prague, so if they’re both sent home on their date, that means there would’ve been no rose ceremony in Croatia. However, on April 8th (when they were in Croatia), Mike Fleiss tweeted ‘@Emily Maynard just delivered another Bachelorette first!’ Then 5 minutes later tweeted,’Turns out a rose in not always a rose.’ (Nice spelling Mike). Anyway, I think in Croatia, Ryan or Travis got roses on their 1-on-1 date, then when it came time for the rose ceremony, Emily took it back. That’s my guess. In summary, Ryan Bowers and Travis Pope did not advance past Croatia. But expect something different to go down with their eliminations.”

EPISODE 7: Prague, Czech Republic (6 to 4)

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1-on-1 with Arie Luyendyk Jr.: First reported by WetPaint back on April 13th as these two were seen kissing on the Charles Bridge in Prague.”

1-on-1 with John Wolfner:
“Painted at the Lennon Wall.”

3-on-1 with Doug Clerget, Sean Lowe, and Chris Bukowski:
They were the ones who were involved with the medieval castle. Doug is eliminated during this date after becoming upset. Sean Lowe gets the rose on this date, after Doug is eliminated.

1-on-1 with Jef Holm:
“They visit the Stratov Library where they make out rolling around on the floor.”

Rose Ceremony Eliminations:
“John Wolfner. Doug was already eliminated on his 3-on-1 date.”

EPISODE 8: Hometowns (4 to 3)

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Chris Bukowski (Chicago) (Filmed Friday, April 20th) “Here’s a picture I tweeted that day as they were in front of the Wrigley Building.”

Jef Holm
(St. George, Utah) (Filmed Sunday, April 22nd): “They had dinner at his ranch, nicknamed the ‘Holmstead,’ in St. George, Utah. His parents were not in attendance, just married siblings. His parents are mission presidents for the Mormon Church and live in Columbia, SC.”

Arie Luyendyk, Jr.,
(Scottsdale, AZ) (Filmed Tuesday, April 24th): “He took her to his cart shop, and also took her test driving his two-seater go kart.”

Sean Lowe
(Dallas) (Filmed on Thursday, April 26th): “Not sure what they did in the daytime, but he had a family dinner that night with his niece and nephew in attendance.”

Rose Ceremony Elimination:
Chris Bukowski.

EPISODE 9: Overnights and beyond...

“Which brings us to where we are now,” Steve writes. “Arie, Sean, and Jef are the final three. I have not been told with any solid confirmation how the final three plays out yet. All I know is that whoever was eliminated at the final three did not go home, since Arie, Jef, and Sean all returned home after the final rose ceremony had already been filmed. A lot of rumors/speculation/theories about what happened, who got eliminated, who Emily’s engaged to if she is at all, etc. Right now, I do not know the ending to the show. I might get it next week, I might get it in a month, I might never get it. It’s definitely be tougher to come by this season than in the past, that’s for sure. When I know with 100% confirmation how the ending shakes out, you will know.”

That’s the spoiler news for now. How does it look to you? What do you think happens after the final three?

Source: Reality Steve

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