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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo Opens Up About Daughter Lauren Manzo’s Panic Attacks and Hospitalization

Last week, Caroline Manzo’s daughter, Lauren, revealed that she had lap band surgery last fall to help her lose weight, but now Caroline is opening up about just how dire her daughter’s situation was before she made the choice to go under the knife.

When the liquid diet grew frustrating, Lauren went on a more balanced diet, but was still upset by the lack of results. According to Caroline’s blog, Lauren “fell into a depression” following another unsuccesful attempt to lose weight.

Caroline writes, “We spent the summer trying to boost her spirits and get her on the right track, but nothing seemed to work. She hated everyone, everything, and most heartbreaking of all, herself.”

But Lauren’s scary saga didn’t end there.

“She was in the hospital twice for panic attacks, and twice for extreme blood pressure levels. Lauren had a complete meltdown while we were camping in California that scared the hell out of us,” Caroline continues.

Thankfully, Caroline and Albert subsequently convinced Lauren to get the lap band surgery, and now that she is some 30 pounds lighter, Caroline reveals, “Lauren has finally learned to love herself, and we couldn’t be happier. We finally got out little girl back.”

Keep it up, Lauren. You look amazing!