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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Blog: Doug Needs to Lighten Up — Plus, the Truth About Arie and the Producer

When Emily Maynard’s boyfriends aren’t bursting into tears, they’re often putting their feet in their mouths. In his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 6, Chris Harrison writes of how easy it could’ve been for Ryan Bowers to get a rose if he had just reined himself in a little. Oh well!

Read on for highlights from The Rosemaster’s Croatia blog:

How to kiss a girl, by Arie Luyendyk, Jr.:
“The party that night [after the group date] was pretty interesting. Arie was feeling a little defensive as he hadn’t had a lot of time with Emily, and in London, Emily was a little upset at him for not speaking up about Kalon. They seemed to quickly get past this and Arie used the old ‘hey, look in the store window’ trick to steal a kiss from Emily.”

Jef Holm recycles his line from last week, but it still works:
“Jef continued to rise after his amazing date in London. How about the line he delivered telling Emily ‘you give me the type of feeling that people write about.’ Come on, how do you not fall for that?”

Ryan shoots himself in the foot:
“Ryan got the final one-on-one date, for good reason, and contrary to his belief, it’s not because he’s god’s gift to the world. Emily definitely had feelings for Ryan but she wanted another date to really put their relationship to the test. There’s so many things that are wrong with their relationship, but Emily does like the bad boy a bit and is attracted to him. Ryan has no idea how easily he could have gotten a rose and stayed had he not continuously shot himself in the foot. Repeatedly calling Emily a trophy wife didn’t help but the ‘list’ of qualities he gave her really pushed her over the edge. Emily has no poker face and if you looked at her when he was reading that list you saw it was over right then and there.”

Doug Clerget’s awkward body language: “At the [cocktail] party, Emily and Doug had one of the most awkward moments of the season. It’s not good when a woman has to physically lift up your arm to put it around her. As far as Emily is concerned Doug is taking his nickname, ‘humble Doug,’ a little too literally. She’s hoping and praying the guy will just lighten up a little bit and show a more everyday side. Emily’s body language during their conversation was very telling. If you look back at it you’ll see Emily leaning as far away from him as she possibly could. She’s never like that with the other guys she’s really into. The problem is she likes a lot of things about Doug and is hoping with a little time he can step it up a bit.”

A preview of Prague: “The city was amazing in and of itself but what takes place in Prague and the drama it leads to at the rose ceremony will be what we’re all talking about next week. It’s no secret that these guys have fallen for Emily and she has started falling for more than one man. This can only lead to more intense drama in the weeks to come, as hearts will be broken. There have also been many tabloid stories about one of our producers having dated Arie and how that affected Emily. Next week we will deal with this issue and you will get the complete story, and more importantly, the truth!”

Source: Entertainment Weekly