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The Bachelorette

Is The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm the Next JP Rosenbaum?

There's no "Cupcake" love story to reference later, but maybe Emily Maynard and Jef Holm can always look back fondly on that skateboard.

Em said she wants a funny/cute guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. (Sounds like Jef.) The Bachelor 15’s Keltie Colleen said Em likes grungy, hipster type guys. (Looks like Jef with his hipster high hair, skateboard and sunglasses.) And who wouldn’t be impressed by Jef’s job as CEO of a bottled water company that helps people who lack access to clean water?

So is Jef Holm on the path to be the next JP Rosenbaum?

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Ashley Hebert didn’t give JP the first impression rose on The Bachelorette Season 7 premiere — that went to Ryan “Mr. Sunshine” Park — so we’re not reading too much into the idea that single dad Doug Clerget got Emily’s first rose of Season 8.

JP’s Episode 3 date was really the clincher that set Jash on a path to love. In Season 8, Episode 5, Emily turns to Jef after dramatically telling Kalon off — much like how Ashley turned to JP after Bentley. We have a good feeling about Em and Jef, despite Jef’s baby face and unnecessarily high hair. Jef could be a slow-burn sleeper who wins the day with humility, quiet strength, cute smiles and support of Emily after others disappoint her — kind of like a (much sexier, we have to say) guy who spent his premiere talking about how much he hated being called “Cupcake.” (Never shoulda told us, man!)

Ashley herself re-tweeted a note connecting the two bachelors: “This Jef dude *might* be my new @JP_Rosenbaum. We'll see. #bachelorette.”

It’s a good sign that Jef got Emily to crack a mini joke after he threw away the skateboard he rode in on. “I was gonna ride that later!” Emily quipped. When Em finally sat down for a chat with Jef, she said she had been looking for him inside. That’s a good sign. She told the cameras Jef made a great first impression and made her feel like a “nerd.” “He is super cool and I hope that he thinks I’m cool too.” Interesting that she went for that giggling schoolgirl angle since, back on The Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack said he felt like a lovestruck high school sophomore around his Chosen One — and we know that turned out to be Emily.

Jef looks funny and cute; he doesn’t take himself too seriously but has a serious, responsible side; he seems good with kids; and he does inspiring work that Emily probably admires. Plus, he lives in the Salt Lake City area, so if Em and Ricki move there, Em could be close to her Bachelor 15 buddy Michelle Money and Michelle’s daughter, Brielle.

It’s way too early to be sure what Em will do, but Jef is looking like a dark horse to go far and slowly win America over. He said he likes to be underestimated because if people give him a chance they are usually pleasantly surprised. Are you willing to give Jef a chance or do you think Em was crazy to keep him over some of the guys she let go?

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06.19.2012 / 06:11 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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