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The Bachelorette

Ryan Bowers’ Top 10 Quotes From The Bachelorette: “I’m Definitely Trouble”

Notemaster Ryan Bowers wrote the book on Bachelorette confidence. Or he will probably write a book at some point since he started Season 8 by showing Emily Maynard a two-sided note, then followed up with an extended letter and finished with a list of 12 things he’d like in a trophy wife. In honor of the jock’s love of lists, here are 10 of our favorite Ryan-isms.

10. Ryan [in his apron, on baking date with Emily]: "Let's hurry up and finish these cookies so that I can look like a man again."

9. Ryan: "There's definitely an edge to me. The Mean Man comes out on the football field. I miss him sometimes."

8. Ryan: "God designed you to be a beautiful woman, so be a beautiful woman. You know what I mean?"

7. Ryan: "Every man should believe his wife is a trophy."

6. Ryan: "I can come off somewhat arrogant but I think that it's just me being truthful."

5. Ryan: "The world it's our pearl. No it's not, it's our oyster. See, I always see the good in things. I'm already thinking there's a pearl in there. There is a pearl in there. You're the pearl."

4. Ryan: “I'm definitely trouble.”

3. Ryan: "She is definitely going to be somebody's trophy wife and I'm pretty sure that I've got a good shot at that being mine."

2. Ryan: "You've been to the gym. I like your butt as it's been in the gym."

1. Ryan [on the idea of Emily gaining weight]: "I would still love you I just might not love on you as much."

06.19.2012 / 07:24 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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