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True Blood

Should Hoyt Forgive Jason for Having Sex With Jessica on True Blood?

Although Jason Stackhouse broke the cardinal "guy rule" — sleeping with your best friend's girl — we can't help but feel a bit sorry for him. Jason's not the brightest crayon in Bon Temps, and he sometimes (admittedly) has trouble keeping his pants on, but underneath his perfect pectoral muscles is a big, sensitive heart.

Unfortunately, Hoyt doesn't want anything to do with his former best friend, especially when he learns that he went back for seconds.

But can you really blame Jason? Jessica stormed into his house like a cat in heat, saving him from the chokehold of Rev. Steve Newlin. And, despite his claim that he's cool keeping it casual, we have the sneaking suspicion that Jason might actually be falling for the red-haired vamp.

We're not denying that what Jason did was wrong, but is Hoyt's punishment too harsh? Jason has gone out of his way to make amends, even offering his former pal a place to crash, but Hoyt would rather fix Mama Fortenberry's plumbing than accept his apology.

What do you think, True Blood fans? Should Hoyt and Jason rekindle their bromance, or does Stackhouse deserve to spend a few more nights in the doghouse?

Should Hoyt forgive Jason?

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