Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 4, “Abomination”: The Sign of the Bestiary
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Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 4, “Abomination”: The Sign of the Bestiary

Does anyone know where we can find a bestiary, because we have no idea what this lizard thing that’s stalking everyone we know is. Season 2, Episode 4 of Teen Wolf, “Abomination,” upped the ante by having the scaly creature chase down the Beacon Hills gang multiple times. What’s your damage, monster?

The episode opens with the vet healing Scott the old-fashioned way: with disinfectant. Because the alpha, Derek, was the one to wound him, Scott will have his werewolf healing abilities slowed a bit. As Dr. Deaton fixes Scott up, they chat about werewolves and weird lizards. According to the doc, the Argents will have records and histories of the creature — of all the things the family has ever encountered. “All the things? How many different things are there?” Scott wants to know. Before Dr. Deaton can answer, the hunters show up.

Scott hides close enough to overhear the whole conversation. It turns out, Allison’s grandpa Gerard and the vet go way back, and the latter isn’t impressed the hunter has abandoned his code. Despite not seeming to like each other, the vet does tell the Argents what they want to know: What happened to the slashed-up hunter who was killed by the lizard in the previous episode.

The “almost surgical” cut in the dead dude’s neck is how the monster introduced a toxin to paralyze its victim. After that, the description could’ve been given by the velociraptor-loving Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park. The reptile slashes into the rib cage and eviscerates the lungs. “The point is, you’re still alive when it begins to eat you.” No, sorry, that is Jurassic Park. The Teen Wolf monster is scarier, because it’s not even hunting for food. Dr. Deaton says it’s killing for killing’s sake. “Be afraid. Be very afraid,” he adds.

At this moment, the only thing Stiles is afraid of is how much it will cost to fix his car. (Erica left it in nonfunctioning order on her way to the ice rink last episode.) Stiles discovers something important: The creature’s toxin can be transmitted through the skin. He discovered the slimy substance on the mechanic’s door handle, and his hand quickly goes numb and he drops his phone. Inside the garage, Stiles sees the creature’s feet. As he drops to the ground to retrieve his phone, the jacked-up car begins to lower on the mechanic, whom the lizard paralyzed as well. When the car comes to a stop, Stiles and the monster lock eyes. 911 picks up the call.

Allison and Scott are still using their “breathe on the window to read my secret message” method of communication. Though she’s supposed to meet her boyfriend in the woods in five minutes, Allison’s grandfather interrupts her. He wants to have a chat. Poor Lonely Boy sits alone in the woods. In between dropping an ancient-looking book on the ground and guzzling his pills, Grandpa Gerard tells Allison that her Aunt Kate died doing what she thought was right. Then he makes her promise that she’ll trust her family. That gravelly voice can be very persuasive when it’s being shouted in your face.

Stiles lies to his dad about what he saw at the mechanic’s. The sheriff isn’t really buying Stiles’s story, but he tells his son that his jeep is impounded. It’s evidence.

Allison runs through woods to meet her werewolf boyfriend, but she’s too late. There’s an apologetic message on a rock, which she can’t erase. Sigh, sometimes these kids aren’t the best covert agents. Scott picks up his buddy from the crime scene, and Stiles says there was something about the creature’s eyes. He thinks the lizard monster knew him.

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 4, “Abomination”: The Sign of the Bestiary
Credit: MTV    

As Boyd looks on, Derek trains his werewolf pack. Actually, he just kicks their asses. “Does anyone wanna try not being completely predictable?” he asks after knocking Isaac and Erica to the ground. Erica jumps on him and kisses him. Though it takes the alpha a minute to push her off, there’s someone else Derek wants to set the female beta up with. (Who knew matchmaking was in the pack leader’s job description?) Derek gets frustrated when Isaac wants to quit and breaks his hand. He’s teaching his pack how to survive, especially with the creepy crawly lizard on the loose.

When Lydia’s mom wakes her up for a guidance counselor appointment, her daughter’s sheets are covered in blood. For some reason, Lydia punched a mirror and has the torn-up knuckles to prove it. The scene cuts to outside the counselor’s office, where Lydia, wearing gloves, meets a new kid, who tries to flirt with her over their shared neuroses. “What’s your brand of psychosis,” he asks before telling her he’s drawn to cute, narcissistic girls. Lydia is having none of it and flounces into her appointment.

In the school hallway, Stiles apologies to Scott on behalf of Allison. The couple is still keeping their reconciliation under wraps so no one finds out about it. Stiles tells Scott they need a bestiary, which has nothing to do with bestiality. Instead, it’s an encyclopedia of mystical creatures. They need the book so they discover what kind of creature they’re dealing with.

Lydia is testing her guidance counselor, Ms. Morrell. The French teacher has the credentials to back up her position, and she asks Lydia why she’s in her office. Lydia dodges the questions, except for the one about why she should trust her friends implicitly. “Sometimes the people closest hold you back the most,” Lydia tells Ms. Morrell. Both ladies seem disturbed that Lydia pulled that quote out of nowhere.

Jackson needs his bestie, Danny, to watch the tape he made of himself not transforming on the night of the full moon. Though it’s basically hours of Jackson lying in bed, Danny isn’t all that interested because he’s not really his type. “FYI, I’m everyone’s type,” Jackson responds. Later, the photography guru Matt — whom Danny has asked for help — shows Jackson that the tape has been looped and there are two hours of footage of missing.

There’s a cute scene of Stiles playing messenger boy between Allison and Scott as they try to figure out where Gerard’s bestiary could be. They decide to lift the old man’s keys and check his office at school. In order to do so, Allison escorts her grandfather to the lacrosse game.

On the field, Eddie “The “Abomination” Abomowitz is dominating for the opposing team. Scott can’t do anything to stop the behemoth, because Allison’s grandfather is watching. While Allison pilfers the keys, photographer Matt chats up Scott’s mother. Once again, he’s taking pictures of nothing but Allison, Allison, Allison. He’s one step away (covering an entire wall with the prints) from being a cliché in a Lifetime thriller.

Stiles finds Lydia crying in her car. “I think you look really beautiful when you cry,” he tells her, which we guess is sweet?

Because Stiles is enjoying watching Lydia weep, the lacrosse team is a man down. (The Abomination has been taking out players left and right.) The coach picks out Boyd, who’s a hefty lad, from the audience and sends him into the game, without getting him to sign a consent form or anything. “Derek won’t like this” Erica tells him, which makes Boyd happy. In his first few minutes of play, Boyd knocks the Abomination out, and his eyes glow, all werewolf-y.

While Stiles wants to hear why Lydia thinks she’s going crazy, he has to break into Gerard’s office. “Stay here. Continue crying,” he tells her, saying he’ll be back in five minutes. Unfortunately, the only thing he finds in the principal’s office is Erica.

Teen Wolf Recap of Season 2, Episode 4, “Abomination”: The Sign of the Bestiary
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Scott tells Boyd to control his eyes, then they use teamwork/werewolf powers to score a goal. The Abomination crashes into Scott, breaking his leg. Somehow, Allison makes it there first, and he tells her he’s healing. Mrs. McCall swears she heard the bone break, but Scott’s just going to walk it off like a trooper. Gramps prepares to ask Scott a question.

Erica and Derek have taken Stiles to the school’s pool. While he tries to avoid telling them about the creature at the mechanic’s, Stiles eventually gives in. It was slick-looking with dark, patterned skin. Stiles desperately wants to return to Lydia, so he adds that the eyes are yellowish. Suddenly, they don’t need to hear anymore. The lizard is in the room with them.

Erica gets knocked aside, and Derek tells Stiles to run. It’s too late, though, because the lizard slices Derek’s neck. As he’s trying to drag the paralyzed alpha to safety, Stiles drops his phone on the ground and Derek in the pool. After a brief debate, Stiles follows Derek into the water. Just when they think the lizard has disappeared, it makes a hissing sound. They wonder why it hasn’t attacked them yet, and then they realize the monster probably can’t swim.

Guess who’s coming to dinner at the Argents? Scott! Grandpa has extended the invitation to an awkwardly silent meal. To spice up the conversation, Gerard asks why Scott and Allison broke up. “She dumped me,” he replies.

Gerard compares Scott and Allison to Romeo and Juliet, and Chris reminds his father that the literary couple committed ritual suicide. Then he takes Scott to the kitchen to help with dessert — which is actually code for choke and threaten him. Papa Argent reminds Scott how much trouble he’ll be in if Gerard finds out his granddaughter’s love interest is a werewolf. Scott points out that Chris might be in trouble, too, but Mr. Argent says he could redeem himself — mostly by harming Scott.

Grandpa Gerard dismisses Scott and Allison, who head upstairs to ostensibly study or makeout. Instead, they go bestiary hunting. They search Gerard’s room, including the safe, which Scott cracks with his werewolf ears. (That super-hearing is good for so many things.) The ancient-looking book they find turns out to contain recipes instead of monster details.

Stiles and Derek bicker about whether or not they can trust each other. The non-werewolf is getting tired of treading water and drops Derek. Important safety announcement: Abs can’t be used as a floatation device. Derek sinks to the bottom of the pool, and Stiles swims for his phone. When Scott hangs up on Stiles instead of listening to his predicament, the pool-bound dude slaps his phone against the water in frustration. Woops. Stiles saves Derek from drowning at the bottom of the pool.

Back at the Argents, Scott and Allison realize Gerard is technologically advanced grandpa. The bestiary is on a memory stick on his keys! Scott calls Stiles, who was the last person to have Gerard’s keys. Of course, Stiles’s phone is temporarily out of service, but Scott uses his bestie telepathy to find his friend swimming in the pool. Scott transforms to fight the lizard. After the scuffle breaks a mirror, Scott grabs a shard to defend himself. The creature darts away when it sees its reflection. (Um, isn’t that similar to what Lydia did with her vanity mirror?)

The team immediately finds a laptop, but the bestiary is another language. Luckily, they don’t need Google translate. Derek knows exactly what it is. Honestly, we have no idea how to spell it, but it sounds like Derek calls it a ketama. The alpha recognized the lizard from stories when it ran away from its reflection. Its a shapeshifter that doesn’t know what or who it is. An abomination.

Scott wants to loop in the Argents on their anti-lizard task force. “There’s something scarier, stronger, and faster than any of us,” he says. No problem. Derek says he’s going to find and kill it. Gosh, we hope it isn’t Lydia!

Outside the hospital, Gerard stabs Scott in the gut. Oh, did we say that casually? That’s how Allison’s grandpa did the deed. He knows Scott’s a werewolf; his whole doddering, cake-baking grandpa routine was a farce. Scott is going to do him a favor, Gerard tells him, or he’ll kill Mrs. McCall.

Gerard gravel voices something about not wanting bad things to happen to good people, then slips away with his knife. Scott’s mom comes out of the hospital, and drops of blood from his fresh wound drop on the camera. Ooh, stylistic and eerie.

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