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The Bachelorette

The Jersey Shore Twins “Will Nail Bachelor Pad 3”! Taltos Friend Speaks Out — Exclusive

Considering Reality Steve had correctly predicted most of the Bachelor Pad 3 players ahead of time, the official cast announcement contained few surprises. Two of them: Erica and Brittany Taltos, the identical twins who gained notoriety by hooking up with Deena, Vinny, and the Situation in Florence during Jersey Shore Season 4 — and who will be competing on BP3 as one person.

But, according to Sondra Valentino, the night jockey at XL106.7 in Orlando who grew up with the twins, their return to reality television isn’t a shocker. In fact, she says that since returning home from Italy, they’ve been campaigning hard to stay in the spotlight. She spoke with Wetpaint Entertainment about what the twins are really like…and if she thinks they stand a chance of winning.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So it’s safe to say that since the Jersey Shore, the twins have been trying to get back on TV?
Sondra: Definitely. When they came back, they started hosting events here in Orlando and doing these video blogs. They definitely wanted to turn their Jersey Shore fame into something bigger.

They weren’t painted in the best light on the show. They hooked up with three people from the cast and got a little stalker-esque when it came to the Situation. Did it bother them?
Nah, they’re not really concerned with what people think of them. But I will say this: having grown up with them, I was shocked by it!

What do you mean?
In high school, they were so innocent! And Erica was an honors student. She’s very intelligent.

She claims to be a virgin. Do you believe her?
I would say yes. But as you’ve seen, she does hook up with women. I would say she goes back and forth between men and women.

Do you think they have a shot of winning?
Actually, yeah. I think they might nail it!

06.19.2012 / 01:36 AM EDT by Beth Sobol
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