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Did Anyone Deserve to Go Home on The Glee Project Season 2, Episode 3: “Vulnerability”?

So... that was different.

Tonight on The Glee Project, Ryan Murphy and Co. loved each of the bottom three performances so much — they decided nobody should have to go home! That’s right, none of the contenders were eliminated during tonight’s Season 2, Episode 3: "Vulnerability."

Look, we understand that it seems harsh to crush someone’s Glee dream by eliminating them at the end of an episode so focused around combating bullying. But isn’t this a competition show? We’re pretty sure it only works if one contestant goes home every week.

Then again, maybe not. Since the lack of elimination wasn’t addressed on the show, we’re guessing it will go down one of two ways.
1. A shocking double-elimination in an upcoming episode.
2. Business as usual. Since Taryn Mai voluntarily eliminated herself during last week’s episode, the show might just choose to substitute that exit for this week’s and continue right along schedule.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media    

Either way, this week’s bottom three contenders were left to sweat it out as long as possible. Charlie Lubeck, Mario Bonds, and Lily Mae Harrington still had to give their last chance performances. Problem is, the judges just couldn’t decide on which contender they though deserved to get the boot.

Ryan Murphy loved Charlie’s unique, very un-karaoke take on Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Mario nailed the vocals during his performance “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” though his inability to perform at the same level in the studio had the mentors a bit worried.

As for Lily Mae: Not only did she kill it at her vocal performance, but Lily also showed a relatable and vulnerable side that the mentors had never seen before.

So all three contenders survived to compete another week. But had the rules been different, and someone DID have to go home, which of the three do you think deserved to get the boot?

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06.20.2012 / 08:52 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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