Does Amy Regret Marrying Ricky on Secret Life?
Credit: ABC Family    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Does Amy Regret Marrying Ricky on Secret Life?

We're so happy for Amy and Ricky! Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the rest of Secret Life Land is thrilled about their big, off-white wedding –– especially Ben, who passed out like the sausage-huffing damsel that he is.

Even Amy and Ricky don’t seem that enthused about being newly weds, and they’ve been arguing more than ever since tying the knot! And did you see Amy’s face when her dad congratulated her about being a blushing bride? She looked almost as traumatized as that time she found out French Horn playing wasn’t considered “cool.”

Who knows what happened between Ricky and Amy in that weird little chapel, but Amy looks like she’s having a major case of cold feet. Do you think she regrets walking down the aisle with her studly baby daddy?