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Glee Season 4: Chris Colfer Wants Kurt to Go After a Career in Fashion — With Sarah Jessica Parker?

After Kurt (Chris Colfer) was shockingly rejected from the college of his dreams in Glee’s Season 3 finale, it’s anybody’s guess where he might end up in Season 4.

Even Chris himself says he still doesn’t know — since Glee won’t start filming until mid-July and hasn’t received any scripts yet — but the actor has a couple of ideas about where he’d like the character to be headed.

Let’s start with that whole Broadway performer thing. Chris tells Gold Derby in a new video interview that up until last season, he didn’t even know that sort of career was on Kurt’s radar.

“I’d always imagined him in the fashion world, for some reason, and I’d always pictured him in his 40s being the editor of Curtain magazine, a magazine that combined performing arts and fashion. I don’t know. I really don’t know exactly where he’s going.”

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Then again, maybe Chris does know a little more about Kurt’s future than he’s letting on. “I definitely know where he’s headed. I know Sarah Jessica Parker’s coming on to be my mentor of sorts. I’m very excited about where she’s going to be mentoring me.”

Putting together the pieces, it certainly sounds like Kurt could be heading off to New York City this fall to begin work at a fashion magazine, or to assist some sort of fashion designer, and Sarah Jessica Parker will likely be somewhere very nearby.

Of course, that’s just speculation based on Chris’ musings, but it certainly sounds like a possibility to us. (Also: SJP as an eccentric fashion designer? Yes, please!)

That said, Chris wants to remind fans that it’s still early in the summer, and plans for the characters could always get altered. “But I don’t know, we’ll see. Because [the writers] always have the power to change their minds.”

Source: Gold Derby

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06.20.2012 / 11:57 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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