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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Makes Us Wonder — Who’s The Hottest Catwoman?

Sure, Catwoman debuted in the Batman comic way back in the 1940s, but for two decades most of us have associated two women with Batman’s masked lady foe: Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Forever (1992) and Halle Berry in Catwoman (2004).

Each actress made their own stamp on the character — Michelle’s Catwoman was a quirky secretary scorned, Halle’s an ugly duckling with a thirst for justice — but we’ll get a fresh take on Catwoman on July 20, 2012, when Anne Hathaway takes a stab at the iconic role in The Dark Knight Rises.

Just like everything else director Christopher Nolan has revamped about the Batman franchise, we suspect his Catwoman will avoid the campiness of versions past, too. According to Michelle, her laytex Catwoman costume was literally vacuumed-sealed on her, while Halle’s bondage-esque bra ensemble was scandalous to the point of silly. Anne’s costume features a skin-tight, zip-up bodysuit that’s both sexy and functional. Meow!

The film’s newest trailer shows Anne fully embracing her frisky feline side as Catwoman — even going so far as to pass herself as Bruce Wayne’s wife. But is she the hottest Catwoman to date?

Weigh in below!

06.20.2012 / 12:18 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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