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The Bachelorette

OMG Moments From The Bachelorette Episode 6: Sean Breaks a Log, Ryan Refuses to Leave

Our TV screens are covered in diet soda thanks to this week's episode of The Bachelorette, that's how OMG-worthy every single beautiful second was. Not only did Sean blow us away with his muscles, Ryan was deflowered, and Arie snuck into Emily's chamber of secrets for some sexy alone time! Check out the top three jaw-droppers of the episode, and prepare to clutch your pearls.

1. Sean Throws Log, Breaks It With His Oozing Manliness
Time to talk about The Highland Games. It's a sensitive subject for us — mostly because we suffer from acute fainting spells every time we think about Jef Holm in a kilt — but Sean's log throwing needs to be addressed.

While the rest of Emily's suitors couldn't chuck a log to save their lives, Sean picked up that bad-boy and hurled it across the mountains of Croatia like he was Thor's slightly more Texan younger brother. In fact, Sean was so good at log hurling, that his log split in two and everyone on the field simultaneously blew their proverbial wads. It's official: Sean makes kilts look sexy.

2. Ryan Gets Deflowered, Refuses To Leave
No one was more shocked than Ryan when Emily decided not to hand him a rose at the end of their date. It's like, he had made so much effort, and that's what he gets? Dude will probably never shave his legs for another lady again (thank god).

Unfortunately, Ryan didn't take his dismissal from The Bachelorette well, and forced Emily to sit at the dinner table and listen to him lecture her about his lust for life and creative facial hair. We had our issues with Ryan, but there's no denying that we'll miss the hilarious tank top he wore for most of this episode.

3. Arie Breaks Out Of His Prison, Visits Emily In Her Love Shack
OMG, Arie Luyendyk Jr., is a free man! After weeks spooning his fellow contestants and furtively middle-parting his hair, Arie snuck out of his hotel room in the wee hours of the night and went knock knock knocking on heaven's door. Unfortunately, Jef Holm was already asleep, so he meandered over to Emily's apartment, hopped into bed and proceeded to jam his tongue down her throat.

But enough about Arie, someone needs to explain why the boys are staying in a fancy resort while Emily is staying somewhere that has stairs instead of an elevator. Uncool.