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Jersey Shore

Pauly D Confronts a Heckler While Shooting Jersey Shore Season 6

Uh oh. It looks like Deena Nicole and Ronnie aren’t the only ones getting into trouble while filming Jersey Shore Season 6. Examiner recently posted a video shot by a fan, showing Pauly D having words with an unknown guy, and Ronnie reportedly had to “hold Pauly back from fighting the kid.”

According to a witness, Pauly was working his shift at the Shore Store “when the fight nearly broke out. Within minutes, a huge crowd gathered on the boardwalk around Pauly and Ronnie and fans could be heard encouraging the Rhode Island native to 'get him.'”

It looks like the guy who Pauly nearly has an altercation with was shouting at him from the boardwalk. We wonder what he said that would draw Pauly away from his retail duties and decide to go confront this heckler.

To watch the video, click here.

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Source: Examiner

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