Teresa Giudice on Her Fight With Jacqueline Laurita: “You Can’t Argue With Crazy”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice on Her Fight With Jacqueline Laurita: “You Can’t Argue With Crazy”

Teresa Giudice was in for a rude awakening on the June 17 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when she headed over to Jacqueline Laurita’s house for a talk.

What began as a simple quest for Jacqueline to find out what was going on with Teresa soon escalated into a full-blown argument.

In her BravoTV.com blog Teresa suggests that there were other issues going on in Jacqueline’s life at that time that caused her to act erratically, namely, her ex-husband’s arrest.

"I do believe that Jacqueline was upset and slowly breaking down, but it was not because of an obviously fake story that obviously didn’t bother me," Teresa writes."

"So what was it? Maybe it was upsetting her that at the exact same time her ex-husband, John Madison 'Matt' Holmes, Ashlee’s father, who we saw on this episode, was arrested with his wife for a long list of things.”

She continues, “Funny that Jacqueline — great friend who tells her friends everything — never said a word about it."

Sure, Teresa may be blame shifting a bit here, but she does make a valid point about Jacqueline’s reluctance to discuss things with her close friends all while faulting Teresa for the same thing.

Ultimately, the fight on Jacqueline’s deck lead Teresa to realize one very important thing about her (former) friend.

She writes, “I realized right then a very simple but powerful truth: You can’t argue with crazy. When crazy invites crazier over, you should pack up and haul ass out of there.”

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Source: BravoTV.com