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Top 10 Quotes From The Glee Project Season 2, Episode 3: “Blake Is Scary as Hell”

Gleeks say the darndest things! The premiere episode of The Glee Project was packed with crazy quips, especially with Charlie impersonating a bass line. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 2, Episode 3: “Vulnerability.”

10. We keep forgetting this is intended as a compliment.
Zach [about Blake’s performance as a bully]: Blake is scary as hell.

9. Don’t let Lea Michele [Rachel] hear you say that!
Lily: Cory Monteith [Finn] is a lot more attractive in person than I thought.

8. Time for a little tension.
Aylin [about choosing song parts]: Lily is just rubbing me the wrong way. The last thing I need is Lily giving me attitude over something it’s just getting on my nerves.

7. And who doesn’t want to be compared to a rodent?
Shanna [to Nellie, putting both hands on a cup]: You drink everything like this you look like a sweet, little mouse.

6. Nikki is not the type to sugarcoat things.
Nikki: Just so there’s no confusion here, not one of you is ready yet.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media    

5. Some people are skilled at beatboxing, and some people should, uh, stick to singing.
[about singing “My Life Would Suck Without You”]: My first thought is, Why?! You can only be so vulnerable to a bass line that goes, pff-tuh, pff-tuh, pff-tuh, pff-tuh. Ya know?

4. Just FYI, Blake: Most superheroes spend their time catching criminals.
[while dressed as a superhero]: People arguing about who’s using the bathroom, who has dibs on the leftover pasta — y’know, we’re tired of hearing it, and somebody’s gotta take a stand, and we’re the ones to do it.

3. You know it’s true romance when you have to tell someone else how they feel.
[to Aylin, in case he leaves]: You’re gonna miss me!

2. Does Lily not realize that acting typically involves more than one person?
[to Erik, about Shanna and Mario]: Can they be more quiet? I’m just kinda getting distracted.

1. Sounds like Mario is happy to be staying.
[about getting called back]: Somebody cue the celestial choirs!

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