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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bones’ David Boreanaz

You knew David Boreanaz was on the TV show Angel and that in the past he'd been less-than-faithful to his wife Jaime Bergman, but did you know that his manager lies? Or that he and Jaime share something very unusual? Learn more about the smokin' actor who plays Special Agent Seeley Booth on Bones.

1. He's a big hockey fan.
Philly born-and-raised, David is a mega-fan of their NHL team, the Philadelphia Flyers. He even blogged about them for a season! When not watching the action, he plays pickup games in Los Angeles, has participated in celebrity SuperSkate events for the New York Rangers, and calls in to sports radio talk shows on occasion.

2. He works behind the cameras, too.
In addition to playing Agent Seeley Booth, David has also directed a few episodes of Bones — including the special 100th episode.

3. He got married on Thanksgiving Day.
Gobble gobble and I do! David married Playmate Jaime Bergman on Thanksgiving in 2001, which makes us wonder if they served turkey at the reception... or split a wish bone instead of throwing the bouquet. The ceremony was reportedly small, attended by only close friends and family.

4. David fell to the bite of a vampire long before he became one himself.
He played a vampire's victim in the comedy Macabre Pair of Shorts in 1996. The next year, he guest starred on Buffy in the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth." Thanks to his serious on-screen chemistry with Sarah Michelle Gellar, David's role turned into a recurring one. Before he knew it, he had his own Joss Whedon spin-off series, Angel!

5. He first bonded with his wife over tattoos.
David and Jaime have similar tattoos on their wrists — they mean "soul" and "fate" in Chinese. A match made in heaven!

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6. He was discovered while walking his dog.
David hit the jackpot while out on a stroll in Los Angeles with his pooch. Today, he's still a dog man — he and Jaime have two pups, Fritz and Bertha Blue.

7. He wasn't in line to become Batman.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, David revealed that he believes his manager started the rumor that he — not Christian Bale — was initially up for the role of Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's 2005 blockbuster Batman Begins. That may be a lie, but it is true that he worked as a parking attendant, house painter, props department assistant, and the guy who hands out towels in a sports club before becoming an actor.

8. In school kids picked on him when it rained.
David's dad, Dave Thomas (also known as David Thomas Boreanaz), is a weather man in Philadelphia. If the weather turned nasty, kids would pick on David Jr. because they couldn't play sports outside. Of course, the teasing stopped once David made his school's football team: He was big and strong, and no one messes with a guy like that!

9. He's teaching his son to cook.
We love a man who can cook. Even better when he does it with his kids. A neighbor recently gave him some tomatoes from his garden, so David decided to show his son how to make pasta sauce from scratch. After the cooking lesson, they jarred the sauce and gave one to their neighbor as a thank-you.

10. He likes all things Dead.
Besides starring in shows about dead people, he also likes the Grateful Dead.

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