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Dallas’ Josh Henderson: John Ross Truly Loves Elena and Always Has — Exclusive

Dallas star Josh Henderson plays John Ross, the scheming son of J.R. Ewing who may or may not be responsible for sending the email effectively ending his cousin Christopher's relationship with Elena. Elena, played by the ever-so-sultry Jordana Brewster, has been friends with John Ross since childhood — but is she just another pawn in the Ewing family game? Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Josh weighs in on John Ross' true feelings.

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Is this just another move on the proverbial Ewing chessboard?

[John Ross] totally, totally loves Elena. He does. I think that at the end of the day, he's always got to stay on his toes and scheming and keeping his wheels turning. I think it gets exhausting. He hopes to come home every day and kind of just be able to throw it all out the window and relax, but he's always in these crazy situations that he hardly ever gets to do that. He grew up having a thing for Elena, but she was always with Christopher. So he knew that that wasn't possible.

Now Christopher and Elena, obviously, aren't together. And we don't know yet what kind of involvement John Ross had in that whole thing, but you'll find out soon. I think, again, what's great about the show is that it continues to keep people guessing because whatever you think is going on right now, you're probably wrong. And you'll think you've got it, and you're probably wrong again.

Meaning, you don't think he sent that email to Elena?

I think you'll find out some stuff soon. It's funny because my little sister is at University of Oklahoma and they're having sorority watching parties. And they're all freaking out over who sent the email, and “Oh, your brother's such an evil guy.” It's fun to see people talking again. That was the goal of the writers and bringing Dallas back, is to have people talking about it. All over the country, I got clip tapes of people having viewing parties, and we're having our own viewing barbecue tonight for the show. So it's great to see people kind of excited and back in the whole ride that is Dallas and people talking. So it’s fun.

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