Dave Good on The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers: He’s Not Mature Enough for Emily — Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Dave Good on The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers: He’s Not Mature Enough for Emily — Exclusive

Bachelor Pad 1 co-winner (and super-hottie) Dave Good is all about The Man Code and telling it like it really is, so we couldn’t wait to hear his opinion about Ryan Bowers’ comments to Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Dave thoughtfully weighs in on how Ryan overstepped his bounds — and what his frenemy status with the guys says about him.

What are your general thoughts on Ryan?
I think that deep down Ryan is a good guy but has some growing up to do. I really hope that he gets a slice of humble pie by watching himself and seeing how he sounds and talks to people. I know I learned a lot from watching myself on TV and I'm sure he will as well.

What about his comments to Emily about being a trophy wife?
I think he just took it overboard to the point it became offensive to Emily. Every girl should want their man to be proud of them and want to show them how special they are and how beautiful they are but when you word it the way he did over and over, it really loses its luster and becomes chauvinistic.

What did you think about his list of what he's looking for in a wife?
I thought he actually had a lot of good things on there, but he was missing a few things. What about the mess of love and families?! Nobody's family is perfect! We are all so f*cked up in our own ways and that is the hilarious part of it all. He seems to take it all too seriously and wants everything to be so perfect. I know how he feels; I have struggled with this sort of thing, but have realized over the past few years that if that were the case, my life would be pretty boring and to view things a little differently. There is only so much you can control and the rest, you have to just roll with the punches and laugh it off. Emily gets that, being a mother, but Ryan is still in the high school when-I-grow-up-everything-will-be perfect-and-I-will-be-an astronaut mode. I think he is getting a real dose of life about right now.

And the goodbye? Did he seem desperate or surprised?
I thought he did really well and brought up some very good points and seemed genuine on his exit. The only thing that gets me is that the guys in the house did not like him. With guys, this says a lot. I got a lot of heat on The Bachelorette but if you noticed all the guys stuck up for me but Juan and Jake, and that is because I had my issues with them. We are ALL friends now, but that is how you tell if a guy is getting a terrible edit or actually an ass, by how the guys act when he leaves. Robby D and Michael Stagliano, I think, actually cried when I left, HA. I might have as well — not because of Jillian — but because I was sad I was leaving them all. Such a good group of guys on Jillian’s season.

06.21.2012 / 04:16 AM EDT by Tracy Goldenberg
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