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True Blood

Which New Supernatural Creatures Do You Want to See in True Blood?

True Blood exposed the world to a tour-de-force of supernaturals, but there are still a few spooky creatures that have yet to grace our home box offices!

And with a new type of supernatural creature being introduced in season 5, we rounded up four mythical beings that we’d love to hit up Bon Temps — time to vote on your favorite!

1. Unicorns: Vampires can move at the speed of light, but how are us mere mortals supposed to get around? Answer: Unicorns. We would die and go to heaven if these bad boys were brought into the supernatural family — can’t you just see Sookie riding one?

2. Mermaids: There's a reason why people don't drink the water in Bon Temps — it's infested with marshmallow-loving gators! But what if the murky lakes of Louisiana were inhabited by a different kind of sea-dweller all-together? Rumor has it that mermaids have been doing backstrokes since the year 1000 BC, yet none have floated downstream to Bon Temps! Here's to hoping they spice things up next season!

3. Zombies: Bon Temps is filled with the undead, but the living dead are nowhere to be seen! The time is ripe for a few flesh-eating corpses to stroll into town and give the vampires a run for their money. But if anyone so much as lays a hand on Lafayette in this time of mourning, so help us....

4. Demons: True Blood features witches and brujos, but where are all the straight-up horned demons? Please remedy this asap, Alan Ball. A world without horns is a world we don’t want to live in.

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06.21.2012 / 02:58 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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