Who Is On the “A” Team? Our Top 3 Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 3
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Pretty Little Liars

Who Is On the “A” Team? Our Top 3 Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 3

So, you’re still dying to know who the new “A” is on Pretty Little Liars. Don’t worry — we’ve got our crack team of sleuths on the case, picking up even the tiniest clue for your mystery-solving pleasure. Here are some hints from Season 3, Episode 3: “Kingdom of the Blind,” that may help us solve this thing for good!

3. Alison DiLaurentis
Last week’s ranking: 1
Why she might be “A”: We’re still pretty convinced that Ali is the one who’s been visiting Mona (Janel Parrish) at Radley. What clues told us that this week? Well, we see Mona clutching the Queen of Hearts in her bed, and the identical queen faces on the card suggest Ali and her twin. Also, Mona mentions the solitaire game “Blondes and Brunettes,” which might be a reference to Ali/Vivian being one “solitary” person. Who knew that cards could have so many hidden meanings?

Why she might not be “A”: The other two people who place higher on this list this week did things that were extra-suspicious, especially since we don’t even know if Ali (or her twin) are still alive. And we almost put Jenna (Tammin Sursok) in this slot, since her story about picking up Emily (Shay Mitchell) in the street — and the way Jenna hesitated about what time it happened — seemed shaky. Regardless, both Ali and Jenna are the kind of people that we’ll never 100% trust — and for good reason!

Who Is On the “A” Team? Our Top 3 Suspects From Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 3
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

2. Lucas Gottesman
Last week’s ranking: 4
Why he might be “A”: We’re sure that Lucas (Brendan Robinson) might have lots of “emotionally disturbed friends,” as he tells Hanna (Ashley Benson) as his excuse for visiting Radley, but it’s obvious he was there to see Mona. Does that mean he’s definitely part of the “A” team, or is he just trying to get info out of Mona to perhaps stop the “A” team? We want to believe that Lucas is innocent, but his whole “iceberg” conversation with Caleb was mighty suspicious — unless Lucas has become obsessed with Leo DiCaprio movies lately.

Why he might not be “A”: Lucas has become so distant from the Liars that it’s as if he’s forgotten that it’s customary to say hello to people when you walk past them. Still, his comment about feeling like a pet to Hanna makes us think that he must still at least care about her a little, and so we can’t imagine him wanting to torture her. Of course, if he really wants to keep Hanna safe, then he probably shouldn’t start garbage-can fires right next to her.

1. Melissa Hastings
Last week’s ranking: 2
Why she might be “A”: Are we relieved that Melissa isn’t going to be a mom? Damn skippy. But it’s bizarre that she didn’t have a miscarriage when she claimed to. Was she pretending to be preggers so she could conspire with the “A” team and not be suspected of doing so, perhaps while dressed as the Black Swan? Seems that way! And let’s not forget how Mona said that you can’t trust family, which feels like a hint about Melissa. Sorry, Melis — looks like you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

Why she might not be: Well, Melissa as the Black Swan seems just a tad obvious, so we have a feeling that the show might have a trick up its sleeve. And Melissa doesn’t seem to be friends with or have much in common with the other likely members of the “A” team (e.g., Lucas, Jenna, and Noel). Then again, does poor Melissa have any friends? Girl might want to work on her small-talk skills.

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