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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Gretchen Rossi: Maybe Friendship With Alexis “Isn’t the Best Thing for Me Right Now”

We all know that Alexis Bellino was a little stung by the fact that her former bestie Gretchen Rossi didn’t stick up for her when the other ladies of the show “attacked” her in Costa Rica and that their friendship then took a serious hit because of it.

Later on, Alexis admitted to feeling like it was Tamra Barney who started the drama and that she “lured… Gretchen into the mix,” but it might’ve been too little too late to make things better between them. According to Gretchen, she’s pretty much moved on from being friends with Alexis altogether.

On Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, Gretchen was asked for her take on Alexis always wanting others to “stick up for her.” Bluntly, she responded, “Alexis seems to think I didn’t have her back all season, but the bottom line is that when I asked her to have my back with Tamra, she never really had my back either. She always said she wanted to stay neutral. She always said that she thought both of us had good points and that she wanted to stay neutral. I tried to stay neutral this season. I had a relationship with Tamra, I had a relationship with her, and unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for her… Unfortunately, friendships change and they grow, and at this point, I’ve decided that maybe the friendship [with Alexis] isn’t the best thing for me right now.”

While she does hope the gals can eventually “make amends,” she added later in the show that she hasn’t “talked to Alexis in a long time.”

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