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The Bachelorette

Jef Holm on Being Mistaken for a Bachelorette Bad Boy — and Why He Cut His Hair for Emily Maynard

Can you even imagine Jef Holm without that pompadour? Believe it or not, just a few months ago, Emily Maynard’s favorite skateboarder had long hair in a ponytail like fellow Bachelorette Season 8 suitor Michael Nance. Jef + ponytail just … doesn’t … work somehow.

Anyway, here’s the exact exchange Jef had with a reporter in a recent press call (via Reality TV World):

Have you always had your interesting hairstyle? Where did it evolve from? (Laughs)
“Why are you laughing when we're talking about my hair?!”

Everyone's talking about it. It's the cute new style.
“Well, thanks, finally someone talks about my hair! (Laughs) No, I haven't always had this hairdo. I actually, when I was approached to come on the show, I had really long hair. When I went into casting, I had it all back into a big ponytail and it was really long down to my shoulders. I think they wanted me to kind of keep that ‘bad boy’ image, because I am misunderstood in that way. I own my own business and I come from a really conservative family, yet I have tattoos and long hair, and you wouldn't think that I was nice or that I'd develop a relationship or chemistry with Emily like I did because of [my looks]. But no, I haven't always had my hair like that. I just recently cut it, probably like three weeks before I went on the show.

To be honest with you, I kind of cut it because of Emily. I didn't watch her season and I didn't know hardly anything about her, except for what my sister told me. She seemed like a southern belle who is conservative and I didn't want to go in there looking like — I didn't want my image to be the demise of me. I didn't want to go home the first night just because of the way I look. I wanted her to really get to know me. So I felt like my personality would come out the best if I looked like that and cut my hair a little shorter.”

But he still brought the skateboard, so that part of his image stayed intact. Jef looks super cute with this hair, but it's not like he wasn't cute before with those longer locks.