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Jon Gosselin Apologizes to Kate Gosselin For Post-Split Behavior: “I Did Stuff I Wouldn’t Want Done to Me”

Jon & Kate are back to Plus 8, not Hate.

Jon Gosselin told People he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin get along well now and he's ready to accept responsibility for his share of what went wrong in their marriage.

"I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn't want done to me," Jon said, and apparently that "stuff" referred to the women he dated after their split.

"I was passive-aggressive," he added about his relationship with Kate. "Then I'd get mad, but I was the one who wasn't communicating."

But he says things are different now and he's back in Berks County, Pennsylvania, dating a single mom and mature enough to handle things differently with his ex.

"I'll call [Kate] up and say, 'Mady's sick. What do I do?' And she'll tell me," he says. "She's a great Mom. We just have different parenting styles."

What do you think about Jon's new frame of mind? Were you on Team Jon or Team Kate after the split — or Team Neither? There was a time when they seemed like such a great couple ... remember that? Should Kate return the apology?

Source: People

06.22.2012 / 03:53 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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