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True Blood

True Blood Spoilers: Guess Who’s Intrigued By Bill?

Bill Compton is nursing a broken heart after watching his true love, Sookie Stackhouse, run off to have sex with frenemy Eric Northman.

Now, she's dumped them both, and while Eric found comfort in the, uh, arms of his "sister," Nora," Bill still hasn't seen any action.

But that may soon change! Seems that Salome, Roman's right-hand vampire at the Authority, may have her eye on the former King of Louisiana.

"She's really intrigued by him," Valentina Cervi teases to TV Guide.

"She will have feelings for both [Bill and Eric] during the season. It's not that she wants something; she's a loving character, even if it doesn't seem like it. She's full of love and needs to be loved. It's complicated."

But can the infamous Biblical seductress even be trusted to have real feelings?

"At the beginning, she is just cool. She is just testing the ground with both of them," Valentina reveals.

"In [this Sunday's episode], she is real. What she says is real. Of course she has her agenda, but I think that deep inside, she really feels for Bill, and for Eric in a different way."

Oh no! Will Bill and Eric's budding bromance be threatened by yet another love triangle?

Source: TV Guide

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