Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?
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Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?

Glee Season 4 will show us Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) like we’ve never seen her before — recently single and now living in a brand new city.

We have no doubt she’ll come across plenty of attractive men in New York City, so even though the wounds of her breakup with Finn (Cory Monteith) might still feel fresh, we can totally still imagine Glee throwing some dashing new potential love interest into the mix.

She’s young, single, and starting a whole new chapter of her life. Here are five guys we can absolutely imagine seeing her date next.

1. That New College Guy Glee Just Added to the Cast.

Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?
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In early June, TV Line revealed that Glee is adding three new series regulars for Season 4: a high school girl, Puck’s (Mark Salling) younger brother, and a new college-aged mystery guy. Now, given that Ryan Murphy’s already stated that Rachel and NYADA will be a huge part of Season 4, we’d say its pretty safe to assume that we’ll be meeting plenty of male NYADA students in the coming episodes. Might Rachel develop a connection with one of her new classmates? That certainly doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility to us!

2. A Dashing Young NYADA Professor.

Come on, can you imagine? Rachel Berry caught up in a scandalous student/teacher hookup? That’d certainly be one way for Glee to mix things up a bit next season. We’re sure they’ve got some great young professors working at NYADA: talented, successful, and passionate about their craft. Those are just the sort of traits Rachel would be attracted to.

We admit it’d still be a little weird. Can you picture what it would have been like if Rachel had dated Mr. Schue? Totally creepy. But college is different. Students are more grown up. Lines begin to blur.

3. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?
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We know, this one is totally crazy. But don’t you think I’d be sort of fun to see Rachel Berry paired up with other famous New Yorkers that exist only on TV? Our top pick for Rachel’s TV-crossover match would be Gossip Girl’s infamous Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). Of course, the dark and brooding Chuck is nothing like Rachel’s ex, Finn — but maybe she’d like to try out something a bit different

Plus, have you ever stopped to think about how similar Rachel is to Chuck’s love, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)? Both are strong, opinionated women with major drama queen tendencies. Of course, small town Rachel would need a complete makeover before she could be seen walking the Versace-filled streets of the Upper East Side. But Chuck should have no problem footing the bill for a couple of Guccis, a few Loubs, and a bit of Dolce and Gabbana. It’s not like he’s short on cash.

4. Michael Swift on Smash.

Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?
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Hey, his character just got totally scrapped from Season 2 of Smash, so he needs somewhere to go. Why not Glee? We can picture Michael striking up a flirtation with Rachel Berry. Of course, older married women seem to be more his thing, but really, Michael admires talent. And Rachel is a talented performer.

As an out-of-work actor, Michael could always teach a few acting classes at NYADA on the side. He and Rachel meet. Who knows? They just might hit it off. (You know, if she doesn’t mind the fact that he’s married and has a kid.)

5. Jesse St. James.

Who Should Glee’s Rachel Berry Date Next?
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We have a love-hate relationship with Jesse St. James. Obviously, we hate that he’s been such a jerk to Rachel in the past. Yet somehow just can’t help but love the guy. (Mainly because Jesse is played by the Jonathan Groff. And Jonathan Groff is amazing.)

Plus, Jesse has matured a great deal since his days as the egg-throwing schoolkid of Season 1. He competed fair and clean at Nationals, played nice with Finn, and — let’s be real — his conversation with judge Carmen Tibideaux is likely one of the main reasons Rachel made it into NYADA.

After everything that went down at Nationals, we think it’s crystal clear: Jesse is still in love with Rachel. He gracefully bowed out since she was engaged to Finn, but now that she’s single again, what’s to stop St. Berry from giving things another shot?

If Vocal Adrenaline does indeed fire Jesse after his Nationals loss, we’d love to see him pack his bags and head to NYC. Obviously, the man is talented. What’s to keep him from giving his Broadway career another go? Think about it: Rachel in NYC. Jesse in NYC. You never know what might happen.

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