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The Bachelor

Will Bachelor Pad 3 Pit BFFs Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Truehart Against Each Other? — Exclusive

Along with hot hookups, nasty cat fights are par for the course on Bachelor Pad. But will Season 3, currently shooting in California, turn two close friends into enemies?

When it was revealed last week that both Jaclyn Swartz and Blakely Shea from The Bachelor Season 16 had been cast, we assumed it would be the two of them going at each other’s throats. After all, it’s not like they’ve kept their distaste for one another secret.

But then we noticed the last line of Jaclyn’s bio in the press release ABC sent out which read, “Jaclyn thinks Rachel Trueheart wants to be just like her.” We then scanned Rachel’s bio, which also ended with a zinger, claiming “Jaclyn gets really annoyed with Rachel.”

Meow! And certainly unexpected, considering both Jaclyn and Rachel have remained close since the Ben’s season wrapped, often hanging out in their NYC hometown.

Are the powers that be over at Bachelor Pad trying to break these buddies up? “I wouldn’t be surprised,” a BP insider tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “I’m sure the producers would love it if that happened. I mean, watching a friendship fall apart on national television? That’s major drama – and that’s all they want.”