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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2012 Spoiler Roundup: Emily Maynard Picks Her Final Four in Prague

Welcome to Prague (or as the locals say, "Praha"), where Emily Maynard will drink wine, wander around aimlessly, and make out with her remaining suitors on random turrets. This episode promises to be a game-changer, and we've rounded up everything you need to know to get the party started — including exclusive photos of Emily and Arie’s lip-lock!

1. Emily Maynard "Furious" To Discover Arie Dated Producer — Exclusive!
Breaking news from the set of The Bachelorette! Wetpaint Entertainment reported back in April that Emily Maynard found out about contestant Arie Luydendyk, Jr.’s personal ties to one of her producers and was “very pissed off.” Head over here for the deets!

2. Arie's Relationship With a Producer Is Revealed, Emily Decides Who Gets Hometown Dates
There’s all this talk about Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and the producer he dated, but what about Chris Bukowski? It sounds like Bobblehead Chris has a breakdown on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 7 and “does something drastic,” helping to give Prague “the most dramatic rose ceremony so far this season.” Click here to find out more!

3. Emily Maynard Eliminates [Spoiler] In Prague Because He Doesn't Make a Move
On the day we finally found out the name of the mystery man spotted making out with Emily Maynard on the Saint Charles Bridge in Prague, we learned of an upsetting departure. Click here to find out who left "visibly upset."

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4. Emily Maynard and John Wolfner Kiss Over and Over Again In Prague!
Despite just finding out about Arie's past (brief) relationship with show producer Cassie Lambert, Emily remains composed and unfazed as she continues her love journey. So unfazed, in fact, that she and Wolf kiss over and over again as they wander the city. Check out the pics!

5. Chris Harrison: Emily Maynard Finds Out About Arie's Relationship With Producer, Things Get Very Intense in Prague
“Next week is the most romantic week, but also very intense,” Chris teases. “Emily does find out about the relationship Arie had with our producer and we deal with that. It's very straightforward, we show clips and raw footage, we just show viewers what we have and the conversation that took place." Read on for the rest of his interview!

6. Exclusive — Emily Maynard Spotted On a Date In Prague
A Wetpaint Entertainment source snapped these exclusive photos of Emily filming a date scene for Season 8, Episode 7 at the Charles Bridge on April 13! See who the lucky man is behind the cut!

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