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Dancing With The Stars

6 Reasons Why DWTS Pro Cheryl Burke Would Make a Great Bachelorette

Yeah, we know it’s way too early to be planning for The Bachelorette Season 9. Emily Maynard hasn’t even finished making her men sob yet. But two-time Dancing With the Stars champion Cheryl Burke kind of threw down the gauntlet when she talked about wanting to be the Bachelorette. It’s an exciting idea — she’s just the right mix of familiar and new to give the show a fresh boost in 2013 (if the world makes it that far). Here’s why we think Cheryl would be perfect for the role.

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1. She’s not just a pretty face
Cheryl, 28, is a sexy little dynamo, but she wouldn’t be one of those Bachelorettes cast just for her looks or because she happened to not find love on the last show. She’s already a celebrity who’s been working in L.A. since she was 21. Cheryl is an award winning dancer — including the 2005 World Cup Professional Rising Star Latin Champion — and the first pro to win DWTS two times in a row. She is also a dance studio owner, started her own shoe and clothing lines and wrote a book called Dancing Lessons, in which she bravely wrote about being molested as a child. She’s close enough with the Kardashians to be like an honorary sister and also friends with past DWTS celebs like Kirstie Alley, who gave her endorsement for Cheryl to be the next Bachelorette: "DO IT!! Uwould be the FIRST non idiot..don't kissALL of them!” No offense, Bachelorettes 1-8!

2. She’d bring a bit of diversity to The Bachelorette
The Bachelor franchise does not have DWTS’s history of diversity. To date there has been no non-white Bachelor or Bachelorette. If the show casts Roberto Martinez as the Season 17 Bachelor — as rumored but not official — he will be the first Latino Bachelor. Cheryl’s mother is Filipina (her father, who lives in Thailand, is of Russian and Irish descent) and in 2008, Cheryl won the Asian Excellence Award for Favorite TV Personality. She has a slightly different look from the girls they usually cast — and that would be a good thing.

3. She wants a guy who understands the industry
We usually hope The Bachelor/ette won’t cast people just desperate for more camera time or trying to break into the entertainment industry, etc. But it's hard to really weed all those guys out. Cheryl is unique in that she told Access Hollywood, "I would like someone successful and, you know, like what any other woman would want: someone funny, someone that can relate to the business I'm in and doesn't get jealous." He doesn't have to BE in the business, she said, but he should understand her entertainment career and probably not expect her to be home cooking dinner at 5 p.m. or whatnot. She’s already on the red carpets several times a month at L.A. film premieres. Chances are she doesn’t want a guy to mooch off her, but she wants someone who’d look good with her at events and won’t flip his lid if he sees her getting sexy with another man on DWTS. She’s kind of the anti-Emily Maynard that way, since Emily wants to have more babies, like, yesterday and is looking for a husband/father to settle down with in a conservative insta-family.

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4. She’s no nonsense (except when she’s being funny)
Chaz Bono said he was glad he got Lacey Schwimmer as his DWTS pro partner on Season 13 because he’s afraid of Cheryl. She’s a tough cookie! Cheryl seems like a sweetheart, but she does have a fierce reputation as a pro on DWTS. Whatever, she gets results — her partners often get to the finals, thanks to her strict hard work, amazing choreography and the help of her more than 270,000 Twitter followers (more than any other pro). Cheryl would probably have no trouble telling Bad News Bachelors to eff off. She also has a sharp sense of humor. Cheryl might be the most quick-witted Bachelorette to date and just seeing the looks she’d give some of her wackier bachelors would be worth casting her.

5. She needs help finding love
Cheryl is always out and about at events — including recently at the NHL Awards — but she told People "I'll be standing a corner, not approaching anybody. I'm that girl." Cheryl recently told Bethenny Frankel she hasn’t dated anyone in two years, and she never really meets anyone new, since she does DWTS twice a year and does other dancing and mini-mogul events off season. "It would be fun to have a pool of guys around you and getting to know someone,” she told People. “I think if I had people setting me up with different guys I think it would be easier for me to meet someone to date." It would also be refreshing to see Cheryl’s soft and vulnerable side, since we usually see her tough side as a teacher and only see her get romantic while acting out dances on DWTS.

6. She’d be a “fresh face” — while still staying in the ABC family
So many people are sick of the “recycling” trend on The Bachelor/ette and they’ve been begging the show to return to casting “fresh faces.” They’ve never actually cast a “fresh” Bachelorette — all eight have been repeats of past seasons — but Cheryl would be a perfect person to start with. She’s on DWTS twice a year in the exact same Mondays from 8-10 p.m. time slot as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The shows’s audiences aren’t exactly the same but plenty of Bachelorette fans already know and love Cheryl and having Cheryl as the rose-giver might entice some DWTS fans to keep their TVs on Monday nights after the spring season had completed. She’s the perfect network crossover.

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