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The Vampire Diaries

Are You Glad [Spoiler] Is the Kanima on Teen Wolf?

Leaping lizards! There was a huge twist in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 5. The identity of the pesky kanima was revealed, and needless to say, we were paralyzed with shock.

First, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) decided to get all CSI with his investigative techniques. He needed to track down a scaly monster who exudes paralytic goo — and he suspected both Jackson (Colton Haynes) and Lydia (Holland Roden) because both these werewolf-bitten babes seemed immune to hairy transitions. In order to sniff out the kanima from the non-reptiles, Derek decided to force feed them the creature’s venom.

While Jackson writhed on the ground after his kanima drip, Lydia was cool as a queen bee. Little did we know, while Lydia seems to have been vaccinated against all things shapeshifter, Jackson actually is a lizard monster. His identity was revealed through some seriously patchy skin and the fact that Lydia walked out the front door directly after the reptilian creature leapt from the roof.

Are you happy that Jackson turned out to be the kanima?

06.26.2012 / 09:07 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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