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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Reacts to The Bachelorette Episode 7: “I’d Slip Birth Control Into Emily’s Chardonnay”

Need a Bachelorette-based LOL? Check out how Bachelor Nation sounded off during The Bachelorette Episode 7 in Prague. We scoured Twitter, rounded up our faves, and present them to you like an ostrich egg we’ll eventually destroy at your feet. Enjoy!

Ali Fedotowsky@AliFedotowsky
LOVE that they r showing the REAL conversation between Emily & Cassie. Cassie is the best & I'm glad they could talk about it

Ashley Hebert@ashhebert
This behind the scenes stuff is making me uncomfortable.

West Lee@NotthatAdamWest
To put it in perspective, Arie & Cassie have been broken up longer than Ricki's been alive. Not like they did it at Mardi Gras

John Wolfner@jwolfner
We had no idea about Arie and Cassie's relationship.

Jenna Burke@TheOverAnalyst
I honestly wouldn't care that @ariejr dated @cassielambert...everyone has a past. @EmilyMaynard could have used this to her benefit.

Ali Fedotowsky@AliFedotowsky
Emily cannot keep her hands (or mouth) off Arie! I cannot figure out who this girl is going to pick. She is hard to read!

J.P. Rosenbaum@JP_Rosenbaum
What is the earliest "i love u" in bachelorette/bachelor history??#historyinthemaking?

Ashley S.@AshleySpivey
Say what y'all will about Arie but dude is totally in love with Emily, you can see it all over his face...and mouth :)

Ashley S.@AshleySpivey
The fact that Emily gets over this so quickly and goes right back to having that love in her eyes look says a lot to me

West Lee@NotthatAdamWest
Arie is so baller Em goes from ready to kick his ass to telling him she wants to meet his family in less than a day. Respect.

William Holman@WilliamFHolman
Arie and Jef are being put into mass production for women to buy as of Xmas. Jef will come with a sensitivity dial

Ali Fedotowsky@AliFedotowsky
Sean has the cutest grin on his face when the talks to Emily. It’s adorable. #bachelorette

Ashley Hebert@ashhebert

Ashley S.@AshleySpivey
Why is Chris always trying to convince Emily that he's right for her - you should NEVER do this in relationships. #bachelorette‬

Constantine Tzortzis@contzor
Emily is Chris' Prozac #Bachelorette

Natalie Getz@nataliegetz
If I were one of the three remaining guys, I'd slip birth control into Emily's chardonnay each night from here on out. Otherwise, they'll have a baby yesterday.

Jennifer Weiner@jenniferweiner
Those close-lipped kisses with Sean look so weird and posed. I think she likes Arie and one-f-Jef. There. I'm calling it. #bachelorette

06.26.2012 / 08:36 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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