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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Bachelorette Emily Maynard Is “In Love With Four People”

Tensions are on the rise now that The Bachelorette's hometown dates are right around the corner! Emily Maynard is up to her eyeballs in freshly-waxed hotties, and she's fallen in love with four guys. Sigh, girl problems. Luckily, Em has her personal mentor, Chris Harrison, to help her through the rough times.

"Emily is clearly split, so here lies the dilemma moving forward," Chris tells TV Guide. "As you saw in the tease last night, we get to the end of hometowns and she realizes, 'Oh, crap. I can't be falling in love with four people when time is running out.' I think she thought she'd come into this, see one guy, and that would be it."

Can it really be that hard? After all, Chris Bukowski is clearly losing his marbles — surely Em will send him packing after the hometown dates! "Next week is not as easy as people think it's going to be," Chris Harrison explains. "You'll see when we get to deliberation how emotional it is and why."

"You see Chris melt down, but not really in front of her," he continues. "She was more upset about Doug and was happy the group date was over and she knew Chris was disappointed."

But enough about Chris and his bobble-headed friends. Let's talk about our boy Jef Holm, who dropped the L-word during this week's trip to Prague! "Jef — I'm going to count as a half 'I love you' since it was 'I love you' through a marionette," Chris says. "But there was something so innocent and sweet and endearing about it. I just see a maturity level with this group, and because of her story and what the guys know she's looking for, it allows for that to happen sooner."

We hear wedding bells, ya'll!

Source: TV Guide