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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelorette Blog: Does Jef Holm’s ‘I Love You’ Really Count?

Jef Holm’s marionette is in love with Emily Maynard, but Jef himself still just likes her.

Rosemaster Chris Harrison noted the difference in his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 7, asking if the puppet’s big moment really counted as a declaration of love. On that note, if a TV show doesn’t include footage of an important love triangle resolution does that really count as a resolution? No word on that, although Chris does write more about the “situation” between Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and the show’s producer, Cassie Lambert, whom Arie dated many years ago.

Arie loves Emily, not Cassie: “I feel like we handled this situation well. Was the story big enough that it needed to be touched on? Yes. But was it a huge scandal? No. So I think we did a good job of showing you the truth about what happened and how it absolutely didn’t affect Emily and Arie’s relationship whatsoever. Later that night during the date, Arie was the first man to tell Emily he’s in love with her and by the look on her face, she was happy to hear it.”

Jef’s puppet show: “Jef’s date was very simple but amazing at the same time. The two of them bought marionettes and made their way to an old historic library in Prague. The scene the two of them acted out was very interesting. It’s like they were able to say everything they ever wanted to say to each other by talking through these marionettes. This brings up a very good question: If someone says they love you through a puppet, does it really count? I ask because after that Jef would only tell Emily to her face that he really liked her. Either way, I think Emily took it to heart, and has taken Jef into her heart as well.”

Doug Clerget and Em were never on the same page: “Doug has been obviously slowly drowning for weeks now with Emily. He just couldn’t show her what he claims he was feeling for her. Well, that was true until Emily was in the middle of breaking up with him and he decided that this was the perfect moment to go in for a kiss…? This really summed up their relationship. Emily and Doug were just never on the same page. I think he said it best when he told us his ‘girl radar is broken.’ As far as Emily was concerned, that seemed to be the case.”

Chris Bukowski has a bobble-fit: “The date then turned into an awkward two-on-one date with Sean and Chris. Obviously, after the night before, Sean was a sure bet to get the rose but Chris had no idea and really took it personally that he didn’t get it. He wasn’t proud of how he reacted that night and assumed he had just sunk his chances of getting a hometown date. [...] I was watching Chris closely [at the rose ceremony] because he was breathing heavily, shaking, and swaying back and forth. At one point I thought the poor guy was going to pass out. Then he broke the silence and asked to talk to Emily. I stayed in the room with the guys while Emily and Chris went and talked. All night John [Wolfner] was very confident he was getting the rose. When Emily and Chris left the room he still had a smile on his face and was joking with the guys about Chris and how nervous he was. He was shocked when Emily came back in and gave him the boot. On a positive note this is the farthest a guy named after an animal has ever made it on our show. Congratulations, ‘Wolf.’”

Do you think Emily was right to keep Bobblehead over Wolf?

Source: Entertainment Weekly