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Fifty Shades of Grey Cast: Bookies Give Ryan Gosling Best Odds to Play Christian Grey, Over Ian Somerhalder and These Others

People are placing bets now on who will be cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Apparently we're all that obsessed.

Over on Entertainmentwise, they note that Paddy Power is offering fans the chance to stake money on who will play the lead roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Here are the frontrunners they name for Christian Grey, along with their odds of booking the role:

1. Ryan Gosling 5/1
=2. Mark Ruffalo 11/2
=2. Armie Hammer 11/2
=4. Alexander Skarsgard 6/1
=4. Ian Somerhalder 6/1
6. Christian Bale 7/1
7. Alex Pettyfer 9/1
8. Michael Fassbender 10/1
=9. Bradley Cooper 20/1
=9. Jonathan Rhys Meyers 20/1
=9. William Levy 20/1
=9. Henry Cavill 20/1
13. Robert Pattinson 25/1

*Note: Can we just say, LOVE Mark Ruffalo, but how does he fit this role at all?

And the frontrunners for Anastasia:

1. Elizabeth Olsen 5/1
=2. Kristen Stewart 6/1
=2. Alexis Biedel 6/1
=4. Emmy Rossum 8/1
=4. Amanda Seyfried 8/1
=6. Shailene Woodley 9/1
=6. Lily Collins 9/1
=6. Rihanna 9/1
9. Jennifer Lawrence 12/1
=10. Rooney Mara 14/1
=10. Felicity Jones 14/1
12. Blake Lively 20/1

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Meanwhile, Metro of the UK has its own list of odds.

Here's their list of frontrunners for Christian Grey, plus odds:

Ryan Gosling Evens
Ian Somerhalder 6/4
Mark Wahlberg 6/1
Bradley Cooper 8/1
Alex Pettyfer 8/1
Chris Pine 12/1
Liam Hemsworth 12/1
Brad Pitt 20/1
Robert Pattinson 25/1
Matthew McConaughey 33/1
Hugh Jack 50/1
Ricky Gervais 100/1
Jonny Vegas 500/1

*Note: Um, Mark Wahlberg? On this list? Really, you guys?

And frontrunners for Anatasia Steele:

Scarlett Johansson 1/3
Kristen Stewart 4/1
Amanda Seyfried 5/1
Emma Watson 8/1
Emma Stone 10/1
Anne Hathaway 14/1
Emily Blunt 16/1
Rachel McAdams 25/1
Katie Price 500/1

Who are you liking from this list? Anyone important missing, in your eyes? Anyone standing out in a good or bad way?

Sources: Entertainmentwise, Metro

06.26.2012 / 05:32 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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