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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Dubrow Kicks Sarah Winchester Out of Her Party in The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 Finale

The fallout from BowGate is far from over. In a Bravo preview for the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 finale, Heather Dubrow asks cake eater Sarah Winchester to leave her naming party.

At first, it seems that Heather is content to just talk about the incident with other partygoers, calling Sarah “a hideous non-invited guest.” Then Sarah corners the hostess in the kitchen, still upset that she got in trouble for eating a piece of cake before it had been cut. “You did something rude and disrespectful in my home,” Heather says, adding that Sarah’s apology was “BS.” Then Heather tells Sarah she doesn’t want to spend the party arguing with her. That’s when she calls for some back-up, and Alexis Bellino tries to mediate. It’s too late for Heather, though; she says simply, “It’s time for this Sarah chapter to close. I think it’s time for you to say goodbye.”

Alexis refuses to act as Heather’s security team for Sarah, but that’s no problem. Slade Smiley’s up for the job. He escorts Sarah and another friend from the party, while Gretchen and the rest of the gang saddle up with a drink.

Outside, Sarah gets existential about the night’s crisis, saying, “This is bull s**t. Really? Over a piece of cake? Is this the world we live in?”

“The bottom line,” Tamra Barney says, “is the village needed their idiot back, so Sarah go back to your village. You truly are an idiot.”

There’s bow love lost between those two!

Source: Bravo

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