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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Dubrow Says There’s Even More Drama With Sarah Winchester in Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 7, Episode 20

“Bow no she didn’t!” That’s a cute new Heather Dubrow-concocted catch phrase for the big cake war incident between her and occasional guest star Sarah Winchester on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 19. And, according to her, Bow Gate still isn’t over yet!

In her latest Bravo blog, Heather writes about the big incident between her and Sarah, which began when Sarah showed up to her name-changing party and ate a chunk of her cake’s decorative bow before the cutting. Heather says that Sarah was drunk, rude, unapologetic upon approach, and lied about having a sugar deficiency (as Heather notes, “Hypoglycemia?!? Oh please. She should do a little more research before diagnosing herself at a doctor's house on national television.” Touche!)

But that’s not all Heather was ticked off about. “Sarah walked past the ropes in my house, which I find unspeakably rude. I roped the house off so people would stay out of our bedrooms and the kids playroom. … it's my home. You are a guest (albeit uninvited) I would think you would try and be respectful ... but … BOW NO SHE DIDN'T!” Heather says on her blog.

She goes on to slay Sarah’s behavior in the episode with vocabulary choices like “insane” and “sloppy.” Ouch, Sarah. You really should’ve just left the cake be. And then she drops a hint that there’s even more to come between herself and Sarah on Season 7, Episode 20.

“Funny how Alexis wants me to let the whole thing go after 90 seconds, but we need to talk about [Costa Rica] for the next 5 years. You would think it would end there and Sarah would slink into the corner, embarrassed over the incident. Well, not exactly … To be continued …”

It’s a probably a good thing Sarah didn’t make it to the reunion episode, whcih confirmed by Heather on Twitter!

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